5 Essential Tips For Cannabis Harvesting Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors is probably the best idea, and it’s also a dream of every cannabis grower out there. 

They will grow in complementary and natural light and receive plenty of fresh air. Do you know what the best part is? The plants don’t have to rely on electronic devices. 

The idea of growing cannabis is pretty cool, but hey, it’s not that easy, you see. Why? Well, outdoors, your plants have to deal with pests and the weather. 

Wait! That’s not all! Your neighbors might also ruin or even steal your plants when you grow them outdoors. 

All these issues can be easily prevented. You just need to know how to harvest cannabis plants outdoors correctly. Here, in this article, you will find some crucial tips to help you with your outdoor cannabis harvesting work. 

So, let’s check these tips out, shall we?


Tips For Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Here are some of the tips that will surely help you with your outdoor cannabis growing. Check them out!

  1. Choose The Strain When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Choosing the right strain of cannabis plant is highly crucial when you want to go outdoors. Well, at a certain point, you might be limited to your strain choices as it will depend on the climate and the place you are located. 

Let’s just say you are residing in the southern or northern region of the globe. So, the summer-growing seasons might be pretty short, and the year-round temperatures are more relaxed. This means that you have to choose strains that are acclimated to such conditions. 

When you choose the right strain, it means you are curating your strain choices to perfectly suit the weather in which you will grow your marijuana plants. 

To make it easier, listed below are some of the cannabis strains ideal for cold and hot temperature climates. Take a look!



The Jamaican Pearl and Early Skunk Feminized are the best strains that will grow well in cold conditions. You can easily get these strains at online stores like i49.net, and they are available at a reasonable price. 

These strains have early flowering times and are ideal for cold climatic conditions. Growing them outdoors will not be an issue for you. 



If you live in a warmer region, you can easily grow all types of strains. You are free to grow Indica Dominant Varieties and Sativa Dominant Varieties in a hassle-free manner. 

Remember: Warm summers and mild winters stand out as the perfect growing conditions for marijuana plants

  1. Choose The Right Set Of Pots Or Soil For Outdoor Growing

As a grower, you will surely get the chance to decide whether you wish to sow your seedlings in the pots or place them directly on the ground. Both of these choices are great and carry their own set of benefits. 

So, let’s check out what these advantages are, shall we?



  • It will give you the flexibility to move the plants from one place to another.
  • You can move the pots indoors during extreme weather conditions.
  • It’s a lot easier to conceal a growing operation.
  • It will help in ensuring that the soil will not get contaminated from the surrounding environment. 
  • It will allow you to control the maximum size and growth rate of the plant. 


  • It lowers the cost as you don’t have to purchase pots. 
  • The cannabis plants will gain unrestricted access to moisture and nutrients from the ground. 
  • It will help maximize yields. 
  • Your marijuana plants can reach a maximum height because there are no restrictions on root growth. 
  1. Opt For The Right Spot

Choosing the right location to grow and harvest your plants is vital.

You must opt for a well-irrigated spot, sunny, and has excellent drainage, and is sheltered. This is an ideal spot for growing cannabis plants. 

This type of area is pretty far away from places where human activities occur frequently. A beautiful forest clearing, which is sheltered by the wind [and also spying eyes], is the perfect place for outdoor cannabis harvest. 

On certain occasions, you might not be too sure which is the best spot to grow your plants. So, during such cases, it will be better to plant your cannabis within pots. 

It will be a lot easier for you to handle and maintain the plants, and you can easily transport them from one corner to the other. 

  1. Determine Which Buds Are Ripe

When you grow cannabis indoors, you will notice that all the buds are ripe enough to yield simultaneously. 

It’s because of the artificial lighting you use, allowing the plant to grow in a specific way [high or low-stress training method]. So, we would look at a room that doesn’t have much shade. Because of this, the light shines the way through the lower leaves of the plant. 

But the process will be different when it comes to outdoor harvesting. It’s because you will depend heavily on the sun’s movement to get the light your plants need. 

This might cause some parts of the plant not to receive much light. The outer nugs, which are more exposed to the sunlight, will ripen more quickly than the inner ones. The inner ones will take a few or several days to mature.

On the other hand, the outdoor cannabis plants are a lot more-bigger and bushier than the indoor ones. So, this shows there might be some variations within the ripeness of the nugs. 

  1. Set Up The Dry Area

“Drying” is viewed as an art. 

But if you get it wrong, you will be destroying your days of hard work in a flash. The most essential thing about drying is to provide all the fresh buds with the best environment. 

As an outdoor cannabis grower, you need to remember that too much humidity can give birth to mold or fungus. Also, if the light keeps entering the room, the breakdown of THC will continue. 

However, to help you out in such matters, here are some of the requirements you must follow if you want the drying process to be a success. 

  • Keep the humidity between 50% and 65% within the dry room.
  • Make sure bugs or insects do not enter the drying room. 
  • Keep the temperature of the room between 60 F to 70 F [15C to 21C].
  • You need to ensure that no hair or dust is floating around in the dry room since cannabis is a sticky plant. 
  • You have to keep the room as dark as possible. 
  1. Pick The Correct Time To Grow Your Cannabis Plants

Being aware of the hours of daylight, seasonal temperatures, and rainfall is mandatory.

If you live within a specific temperature zone, the change between the daylight hours is pretty considerable between the seasons. This will act as the cue for all the photoperiod-dependent marijuana strains to start flowering or perform vegetative growth.

When you try to opt for vegetative growth during the early spring season, the daylight hours will still be a little short for the flowering process. So, just wait for at least mid-April [Northern Hemisphere] or mid-October [Southern Hemisphere] to put out your seeds. 

Apart from that, if you live in a warm region, you can easily harvest within a year, especially in the areas near the equator. You can achieve this goal by taking advantage of the intense sunlight and year-round warm temperatures. 


Practice Can Make Everything Perfect 

Okay! It might look a bit daunting, but please don’t be too overwhelmed. 

Growing marijuana is a rewarding experience. Do you know why? Because it’s not just about growing it and enjoying the final product. But it’s also about getting to know more about a plant, which has been used and loved by human beings for millennia. 

When you are growing the marijuana plants outdoors for the very first time, it will be safe to say you might not be able to get it right at the first attempt. So, if you want to make your growth operation a successful one, you need to practice endlessly. Doing so will surely make you a pro when it comes to harvesting cannabis plants outside. 


Final Thoughts

You would be making an excellent choice when you choose to cultivate cannabis plants outside rather than inside. The plants will receive natural sunlight and air along with moisture and nutrients from the soil. 

Growing cannabis outdoors comes with a few challenges, but that doesn’t mean you should back out from it. No, never!! 

Don’t let such things discourage you from your outdoor grow operations. Remember, all the outdoor cannabis growers didn’t achieve their goal overnight! 

Now, all that it’s left to say is “GOODLUCK” with your outdoor growing work!

Happy growing!