7 Ways That Are Destroying Your Sexual Life!

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30-Second Summary

  • As we age, our bodies become subject to numerous changes. For some, a decreased sex drive or libido and an impact on sexual performance are undesirable changes.
  • Nevertheless, apart from age, other factors can also be damaging our sex life without our knowledge.
  • This topic is critical because it might be damaging our relationships, self-esteem, and even overall health by affecting other physiological functions.
  • With the numerous information that we have on sexual issues and the readily available medications and professional sex therapists, treating sex problems is easier than ever.
  • Nonetheless, before opting for supplements or meds, there are several strategies that you can try out first.


Although dry spells are common for almost every relationship, unknowingly, you or your partner may be feeding the issue with some of the malpractices we’ll introduce down below. Once you start taking care of these easy-to-fix problems, you’ll start noticing positive changes in your sex life almost immediately. Besides, since our sexual life is closely linked to overall health, you’ll also be contributing to your general well-being.

Sex is an invaluable part of a healthy lifestyle because it affects metabolism and the production of crucial hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Read along to get to know which are the top 7 factors that are hurting your sexual performance and stamina.

7 Things That Are Destroying Your Sexual Life

1. Too Much Stress. Getting overstressed at work and bringing all your problems at the office back home is surely going to damage your sex life. Besides, when we are under chronic stress, the excessive stress hormones prevent us from relaxing, performing well, and even reaching an erection for males.

Nonetheless, stress can lead to fights with your couple over silly things that will make it even more difficult to get aroused. According to research, chronic stress associated with decreased sexual activity and satisfaction.

2. Lack of Physical Activity. It’s no secret that sports affect almost everything in our lives and that regular exercise can significantly benefit our overall well-being. When we engage in sports, we release pressure and reduce levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. On the other hand, we promote the release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, known as happy hormones.

To further boost your muscle strength during exercise and sex drive, you can take a look at some dietary supplements. According to many Savage Grow Plus reviews, Savage Grow Plus may be one of the best options for many people suffering from sex issues.

3. Lack of Communication with Your Partner. Many of us may often feel insecure about the intricacies of our sex lives. The single best thing to do to address these issues is to talk them through with your partner. Not only could it help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, but it will build more trust within your relationship.

4. Are you Taking Any Medications? Many meds can impair your sexual life through various mechanisms. Some of the more prominent culprits include beta-blockers, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants.

Another crucial aspect of a decreased sex drive might come from nutritional deficiencies. To learn more about how zinc, folic acid, and other vitamins impact or sexual performance, head over to the Health Web Magazine.

5. Too Much Technology. Electronic devices like your mobile phone, tablet, and computer may be interfering with your sexual life. Each notification sound or incoming call can have you pause and take your mind away from the act. Commonly, these interruptions can affect erection and arousal, ultimately leading to poor sexual performance.

Try to put electronics out of the room whenever you feel like getting intimate with your partner.

6. Not Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone. Sometimes, sex is all about trying out new things with your partner. With sticking to the same routine over and over, things might naturally start to get a little boring. Talk to your couple about trying out new stuff, revealing your kinky sides, and ultimately stepping out of your comfort zones.

7. Lack of Trust. Jealousy due to a lack of faith can easily spark a fight over a non-existing problem. Unresolved issues still lingering in both of your minds can become detrimental to your sex life. Such intimate acts require trust and if you can’t seem to clear up the issues on your own, consider reaching out to a professional consultant.

What Are the Ways to Improve Your Sexual Life? 

We’ve come to list the strategies that you can implement to enhance your sexual life. First things first, talk to your partner about any insecurities and issues. This will make you feel closer than ever and will help you relax without feeling the urge to perform up to expectations.

Additionally, even if you’re not feeling like having sex at the time, you can still give in to some cuddling and kissing that will help with emotional and physical bonding.

Also, seek to get out of your sex routine and try out different positions at different places to spice things up. It can let you experience new emotions and unexpected orgasms just from trying out something new.

Regarding physical activity, evidence suggests that Kegels might be one of the best exercises for boosting sexual performance and stamina, especially in women. To practice Kegels, squeeze your pelvic muscles as if you’re trying to hold your urine. Hold for a few seconds, release, and repeat ten times. The best thing is that you can do this almost anywhere at any time.

Final Words 

Many factors contribute to a decreased sex drive and performance. Luckily, many of them are super easy to address.

Change your habits and routine for the better today, and see how quickly you’ll start reaping the results! Nonetheless, despite implementing all of the strategies above, you can give your body an extra push by providing it with natural ingredients from trying out the best male enhancement supplements available.

However, make sure you opt only for those containing clinically studied and research-backed ingredients and formulas.

If nothing seems to work, your best bet would be to get checked with a doctor to see if there’s an underlying condition that’s causing your problems.

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