A Road Map To End Infertility

Infertility is prevailing in both men and women equally. Over 30% and more of Indian couples are facing this issue. Infertility is coined simply as the inability or struggle to produce a baby. The problem can be from either the husband or the wife. In case of the husband, it’s mainly of low sperm count and testicular issues. In case of the wife, it’s because of irregular periods, endometriosis or multiple miscarriages. Infertility specialists in Kolkata suggest the following points which would help you conceive a baby.

  • The major reported problem of infertility in men are due to heavy smoking. Smoking causes various dysfunctions in the body and infertility is one of them. This habit causes poor blood flow and erectile malfunction. Curbing this habit is a must.
  • Always give yourself a full body checkup once in a while. Get yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and any other diseases which affect your fertility.
  • Keep your periods under proper monitor. Irregular periods skipped periods, and endometriotic problems are few causes of infertility in women. These problems should be taken care immediately. If left untreated, it might lead to permanent infertility. So always monitor the frequency of your periods.
  • In both men and women, the age factor is very important to conceive a child. The chances get very low if you’re trying to have a child after the age of 35. The egg production in female gradually decreases and the sperm count in man decreases too.
  • Dietary factors, psychological factors and lifestyle should be equally balanced. Consumption of iron-rich food, unsaturated fats and normal body mass index should be maintained. If not maintained properly, it will cause health issues which trigger infertility. Interconnection between the above factors is necessary. Both the individual should enjoy their physical relationship between them and must have a mental satisfaction.

Infertility can be cured by following these simple steps. Never ignore any health condition that you’re going through. Always check yourself with a specialist because every health disorder projects the condition of your body. Ignoring it will simply make things worse and would lead to severe other issues. Even if you couldn’t conceive a baby, it is alright to adopt a baby. Infertility should never be a reason to stop oneself from being happy. Several couples are separated due to infertility issues, especially in our country, which is totally unreasonable. There is always a way to work things out, but you should find them. Consulting an infertility specialist in Kolkata could be the decision that can eventually help you achieve your goal of becoming parents to your own bundle of joy.