Choosing The Best Endodontist In Essex

Gain An Understanding Of Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is usually your last option before the removal of your damaged tooth. As such an important treatment, it’s essential to choose the right endodontist.

If you’re in need of a root canal treatment and would prefer to opt for private treatment in Essex, then this might cost the average person between £95 to £700 depending on the tooth that needs working on, according to the Money Advice Service. With such a large price bracket, it’s important to work with an endodontist with incredible professional experience so that you can be assured you’re getting the very best value for your money. Selecting the right endodontist begins with you having a solid understanding of endodontics and what is involved.

Why Do You Need An Endodontist?

Endodontics is also known as root canal therapy and concentrates on the inner pulp of the tooth containing blood vessels and nerves which are subject to damage. Where the pulp has become cracked or decayed, often the most appropriate option is to remove the tooth, but a root canal treatment is the last chance available to attempt to save it. Prior to the decision to opt for a root canal, the pulp may have become infected, and this disease spreads to the root canal system causing a painful abscess. If you’re quick in seeking treatment from an expert endodontist, then you may be able to save the tooth before the infection spreads and it’s too late.

The Endodontic Process

Having a root canal involves being put under local anaesthetic. Your endodontist would then work to remove the damaged pulp from the inner part of your tooth along with any signs of adjacent infection. The space should be thoroughly disinfected then sealed to ensure that there’s no possibility of future infection. In many cases, the remaining tooth is usually quite brittle and will require a crown to be placed on top to preserve what is left.

Working With An Endodontist You Trust

Unfortunately, root canal therapy is rarely a quick process and often involves several visits to obtain the best results. Therefore, it’s essential that you work with an endodontist that you can build a relationship with and that you trust. The Essex Smile Centre has one of leading endodontists in the field, Dr Pierluca Campana, who is the head of endodontics there.

In terms of qualifications, Dr Campana has a Master’s degree in Endodontics from UCL and also passed the Membership Examination in Endodontics. Additionally, he has earned a place on the General Dental Council’s specialist list in Endodontics and is a Specialist Member of the European Society of Endodontics.

To put it simply, his list of qualifications and years of experience has provided him with the necessary skills to be able to save many teeth that other dentists would have had to remove.

When looking for the best endodontist Essex has to offer, always ensure that you check out their background and accreditations before committing to treatment. It’s also important to check that they work with the latest technology available to ensure comfort and success in your root canal therapy. When the other option is tooth loss, it’s important to invest in the right endodontist to give you the best chance of saving that tooth!