Complete Guide For Laser Hair Removal

It is the complete guide about laser hair removal to help the readers. The guide is containing each point, which a person should know before taking the decision of attention laser hair removal session.

At Which Body Parts You Can Have Laser Hair Removal

  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Bikini area
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Upper lip
  • Chin

How Many Sessions Are Needed

From the laser hair removal rego park’s point of view, the best results are gained after 3 to 7 sessions. Each session can be of the same time and mostly it depends on your hair growth. Mentioning that, patients may feel some sort of pain and discomfort during the process.

The team is ensuring the best results after the sessions. Which means the permanent removal of the hair at the end of the 7th session? The count of sessions depends on the skin of the person and the hair type. Mostly, the thick hair of a person requires entire 7 sessions. The soft and less hair growth can be removed in 3 sessions.

Types Of Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Within the list of the types of laser hair removal, the first one under the limelight is Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal. This type is highly recommended to people who are rich in light skin tones. The reason for the recommendation is the less painful nature of the laser. As we are aware that people with light skin are most likely to have redness and spots on the skin. That is why alexandrite is recommended to them. Moreover, this specific type of laser never penetrates deep into the skin, which is another good approach for people with a light complexion. The reason for less penetration is the small wavelength.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Moving ahead into the types of laser hair removal, the next one is the diode laser treatment.  Comparing it from the above-mentioned type, it is rich in longer wavelength. After knowing about its long wavelength you may get the idea that it penetrates deep into the skin. Additionally, its nature of penetrating deep into the skin makes it suitable for people with dark complexion. People with dark skin tone do not get the spots and redness on their skin. That is the reason that it is recommended to the medium and darker tones.

Ruby Laser Hair Removal

The last one but worth discussing is the ruby laser hair removal. This method is becoming obsolete after the arrival of the other two into the trends. The ruby treatment is mostly recommended to people with lighter skin tone. Also, it is just limited to the people with light tones. The ruby treatment is not serving the people who are rich in dark complexion.

Pros Of Laser Hair Removal

Negligible Side Effects 

Within the list of the benefits of laser hair removal, the first one is ignorable side effects. There are a couple of minor symptoms of laser hair evacuation, and those, which do happen, tend not to last more than a couple of days. 

Financially Savvy 

Moving ahead in knowing the benefits, know that laser hair removal is highly cost-effective. One can easily manage the cost of its sessions from the budget. Also, you do not have to pay all amounts at once, but require it in each session. Most of the clinics and doctors offer the deals, which are some other cost-effective approaches. When you start your excursion with laser hair expulsion, you will presently do not have to spend your cash on normal costly wax medicines, depilatory creams, razors, or different strategies for hair evacuation. 

Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

Skin Redness And Irritation

Skin redness along with the irritation is the first side effect, which is noticed soon after the laser hair removal. Most of the time, this redness happens when the laser is applied to the sensitive part of the body. most of the time, it’s highly recommended to test on a small area to save yourself from major skin issues. Insensitive parts, laser hair removal can also cause swelling and rashes.  

The above-mentioned side effects are mostly noticed after the wax and sometimes after shaving. In most cases, the irritation starts to reduce after some time. Also, the redness goes away with time. For the quick reduction, placing the ice pack to the area can be a good and harmless approach.

Change In Skin Pigments

Moving ahead in knowing about the side effects of laser hair removal, the next one is change in skin pigments.  Most people notice the clear change in the skin tone from the affected area. People with a light skin tone notices the dark and red spots. While on the other hand, people with dark complexion notices the lighter colored spots. 

Do not panic the change in the skin color and the spots are temporary. They just start disappearing with time. However, consulting your doctor can be a good approach to ensure that it is not permanent

How To Get Ready For The Laser Hair Removal

This specific heading is going to cover the points, which will help you in preparing for the laser hair removal. Your doctor will also provide some instructions to you before actually starting the sessions. Keep reading and know about these instructions without moving to the clinic.

It is worth mentioning that these instructions are crucial for the effectiveness of the sessions which in hence reduces the hair growth 

  • Staying out of the range of sunlight is the first thing, which is recommended to a person who is willing to attend the sessions.  The reason is that laser hair removal is never recommended to perform on the tanned skin.
  • If you are feeling any kind of irritation on the skin tell this to your doctor. Laser hair removal should not be performing when a person is feeling skin irritation.
  • Do not wax and pluck the hair when you are ready for the first session of the laser hair removal
  • Avoid all types of anti-inflammatory drugs because they increase the bleeding into the skin
  • In case if you are suffering from any active infection, avoid laser hair removal. Here the active infection means the cold sore, bacterial skin infections, or any rashes.
  • Also, if you are rich in dark skin complexion, applying the skin bleaching compounds is highly recommended.


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