Everything about Cannabis License That You Must Know

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The regulation of the supply chain of cannabis is a joint responsibility of federal, regional and local governments, counties, industry and other stakeholders. One of the obligations of Health Canada is to include the structure for licensing and supervision of legal cannabis cultivation. Within this system, in order to carry out various activities with cannabis, a person is required to acquire a license. Compliance with the Cannabis license Act and its Provisions and all relevant federal, provincial and local legislation and local by-laws shall be the responsibility of applicants and license holders. You can visit cannabis application to get experience.

The AGCO is a regional department that reports to the Attorney General’s Ministry. In compliance with the values of fairness and dignity, and in the public interest, the AGCO is responsible for overseeing the alcohol, cannabis, gambling and horse racing industries. AGCO is short form for Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.It is accountable for the licensing in Ontario of cannabis retail outlets. A Retail Operator License, a Retail Store Permit and a Cannabis Retail Store Manager Licence may be required for applicants wishing to operate a retail store. 

AGCO has its online licensing portal (iAGCO) that accepts applications. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is the authority for privately-run cannabis outlets, while the OCS is responsible for supplying cannabis goods. At present, Ontario does not have a limit on the number of cannabis retail stores and legislation has since been amended to allow the creation of a single retail store at its federally licensed production site by licensed growers.

There are two licenses and a permit required by the AGCO in order to open a retail store and sell legal marijuana. They are:

  1. Licence for Supermarket Retailer (ROL)
  2. Retail Permit Shop (RSA)
  3. Manager License for Cannabis Retail

Eligibility criteria for all forms of licence

  • At least 19 years of age is must;
  • You must be financially stable.
  • Execute duties in conformity with the rules, with dignity, fairness and the public interest;
  • No arrests or charges contrary to the 2018 Cannabis Licensing Act;
  • One must not have had positions or relations with a criminal enterprise present or previously; and
  • In the application, you must not make a misleading claim.

Licence for supermarket retailer

You must satisfy the AGCO that you would have adequate power over the cannabis retail sector to apply for a Retail Operator License. You would not be able to obtain a Retail Operator License if:

  • If you are in default without filing a tax return under a tax act controlled and upheld by the government of Ontario, or you have any overdue sums due or past due under certain statutes for tax, penalty or interest, or any tax obligation settlement arrangements;
  • If you have a company number with the Canada Revenue Agency and, under some federal or provincial laws, have not filed a tax return.

Manager license for cannabis retail

Any Ontario cannabis retail store must have at least 1 Licensed Retail Manager in charge of carrying out tasks such as:

  • Overseeing, handling or hiring retail staff
  • The administration of cannabis purchases
  • Managing regulatory questions related to cannabis sales
  • Buying weed in the pharmacy
  • Signing contracts for the shop.

Requirements for store

Basic criteria for the location include the store. A school or private school as specified in the Education Act must be at least 150 meters away from the property line. It must be the only organization working at the planned retail store.

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