Finer Choices for the Best Dentistry

Want to know what criteria are taken into account by the patient when choosing a professional? Some criteria weigh more than others, and knowing them can help make your office marketing strategies more effective.

Below are the main criteria for a patient to choose the dentist:

Availability and easy access

Everyone appreciates an available and caring, easy-to-contact professional. Have flexible hours and invest in communication to make yourself visible in every possible medium: flyers, Google mapping, social networks, and websites. Keep your name and contact number visible for the patient to easily find and find. With the sedation dentistry this is important now.

Good service

If you think only price matters, you are wrong! Surprisingly, it’s not just affordable values ​​and forms of payment that make a difference, but good service. Primarily, one of the main criteria for choosing a professional is the satisfaction in how they are treated. Many patients agree to pay more to meet this criterion.

Cozy and trusting environment

Your space says a lot about you and certainly interferes with your patients’ criteria of choice: everyone looks for a place that conveys confidence and professionalism. Given this criterion, and first and foremost, invest in a well-planned space and take care of the colors and furniture you will use in order to convey safety to the patient.

Goodwill of the professional

First, it is the professional’s obligation to know how to evaluate and understand the clinical aspect of each case. More than just experience, patients take the criterion of empathy very much into account. People like and look for professionals who clearly explain the step-by-step treatment and procedures that will be performed. Undeniably, talking about this with the patient gives confidence and credibility.

Although every dentist can work in all areas of dentistry, the specialist has many more hours of study on the subject and greater experience in dealing with more complex cases, thus offering more treatment options and better results.

Do you know what is “device roll”?

Orthodontic braces have become fashionable among teenagers and the more colorful, braided or different the cooler it is! It has a device being sold in the pharmacy, home of orthopedic materials, fair, bakery, and even around the corner. Watch out! Servicing by yourself or by someone who is not an expert in orthodontics is extremely dangerous. The rubber, despite being cute and colorful, squeezes the wire into the bracket and can damage your teeth.

The maintenance

Maintenance in less than 21 days can be harmful to oral health, lead to resorption of the roots of the teeth and consequently may lead to tooth loss. It is therefore recommended that it be monthly, not weekly.

Be careful when choosing

Many so-called “popular” clinics place interns or assistants to care for patients while a dentist oversees all chairs. This conduct is condemned by the CRO / CFO and is unethical. In this type of clinic, often each service is performed by a different assistant, who does not know what was done in the previous month and has no idea what will be performed in the next maintenance. That is, in many cases, you will pay to “exchange rubber”. Choose clinics or offices where the service is always performed by the same professional.