Home STD Testing Is Simple, But Can It Be Accurate?

Home STD testing has become a convenient way for many people to find out if they have a sexually transmitted disease without having to drive to a clinic or wait for an appointment. The most common reason for testing at home is to see if you have an STD, that is, a virus that can be passed from person to person. For the most part, there are no symptoms for this kind of virus so it is usually easy to notice if someone else has it. Many tests are available to confirm the results and determine if you have an STD. Some of these include doing a pelvic exam, urinalysis, blood test, and even a throat culture. Some of these home exams may be painful and costly, and this is why some people prefer to purchase their own testing kits. There are even some home kits available that allow you to get an STD diagnosis in less than five minutes! If you choose to do your own home STD testing, make sure you are aware of all symptoms of STDs. This way you will be able to catch any infections early on before they turn into something worse. An example is that men who are concerned about being impregnated can use the urine testing. The pH level of the urine reveals if you have an infection. An infection can also be detected by using the swab test. This test detects the bacteria on the outer membrane of the vagina or penis. When you decide to do home testing, you will need to purchase some supplies such as the test kit, the sterile probes, and the alcohol swabs. You should never use a needle or any other object to insert the swabs into your vagina or penis. This can lead to serious diseases such as HIV and genital herpes. The best thing to do if you suspect that you have an STD is to go to the doctor immediately. A simple swab test can let you know if you have an STD and you can be treated right away. The only problem with home testing is that it can be difficult to do accurately. For example, the test for gonorrhea requires a one-time testing kit and has to be done in a private clinic. Therefore, it is best to have this type of testing done professionally at a medical facility. The accuracy of these tests can be approximately ninety-five percent. However, if you have a recurring infection, it is important to have it tested again. There are home-based tests, which give a higher rate of accuracy. These tests are usually cheaper, which is why they are increasingly popular among people who want to avoid the costs and complications associated with a trip to the doctor. Home STD testing is an easy way to test for STDs and can save both time and money.