Most of the Patients satisfy with Hair Transplant in India But very few in Bangladesh

Hair transplantation is one of the most evolving techniques applied to restore natural hair by taking/extracting the hair roots/hair follicles from the patient’s own scalp or body part that finally implanted into the recipient balding areas of the scalp. The hair transplant procedure is nowadays accompanied by cutting-edge technique and technology helps in meeting the desired aesthetic goal of the surgery. The hair transplant surgery is a single cosmetic surgery option that has the power of allowing the regrowth of natural hair from the recipient sites and it is all getting possible due to the extraction of DHT-resistant hair roots for the process of hair root implantation.

The Surgical relevancy in the Particular Location or State:

The geographical location plays an important role in the hair transplant surgery as it decided not only the performing surgeon’s name but also influences the cost of hair transplant procedure a lot. The hair transplant in Bangladesh is less popular when we talk about the role of Asian countries in the hair transplant surgery and it’s all because of the cheaper technique and fewer facilities for the surgical procedure and low maintenance of safety and hygiene concern. Most of the hair transplant clinics in Bangladesh give focus on offering the cheaper hair transplant cost in Bangladesh compromised with quality most of the time. However, it is advisable to choose those destinations that can offer you quality treatment at an affordable cost. Thus, it is all good to select India for receiving the hair restoration surgery where one can get quality treatment at an economic cost option of the services. And no doubt, India has a top-ranked position in providing the quality hair transplant treatment happily satisfied most of the patients across the globe.

As far as Bangladesh is concerned, they have limited access to cutting-edge technology and known for using the cheaper services for offering any services, including plastic & cosmetic surgeries. However, hair transplant surgery in Bangladesh is all available at cheaper cost can attract an economic class of the masses but offers compromised results as these clinics are not well aware of the advanced technology. On the other hand, the surgeons practising in Bangladesh are no doubt must have plastic & cosmetic surgery degree along with other specialties, but their participation in international delegations and diplomacy are very few and developing nation challenges are there in this regard.

India has always a top-ranked position in providing aesthetic plastic & cosmetic surgeries in which 80% of shares are of hair transplant surgeries. It goes without saying that every year patients/clients across the globe used to visit India to receive the hair transplant treatment and get benefited by the class facilities and quality services at an affordable cost of the procedure. Most of the Indian surgeons have contributed in the leading hair restoration societies, i.e.., ISHRS, IAHRS, and ISAPS and time-to-time deliver innovative ideas, advanced practices, and modified way of doing the procedure via the cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment greatly helps in achieving the best natural outcomes of the procedure.

Materials & Method used to perform the Procedure:

Patients who undergo for the hair transplant surgery evaluated under standard measure and criteria in order to perform the procedure. First of all, it is needed to check that what status of scalp both in the donor and recipient parts a patient possesses and what the state of baldness on the Norwood scale. However, performing the procedure requires a stable state of Norwood baldness and also stable donor areas, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp in order to receive the procedure with the best cosmetic deal of the surgery. Thus, it is an important deal in the surgery to make an evaluation session prior to the procedure helps in assessing the issue’s complexities and needed technique, either FUT or the FUE to perform the procedure.

The hair transplant procedure is performed under local anaesthesia helps in making the procedure effect painless. On the other hand, the FUT technique is performed by using advanced methods of Trichophytic closure gives the scarless results. The FUE technique is performed by using a manual or motorized punching machine that caters the extraction process in order to obtain the hair grafts for the implantation.

The grafting session normally takes 5-7 hours for the implantation of 1500-2000 grafts, whereas it goes more than 7-8 hours when it is required to implant over 4000 grafts in a single session.

Side effects:

There is not even a single side effect of the hair transplant procedure as it is performed by extracting hair roots from the patients’ own body that further transplanted on the same scalp and thus there is no any side effect, except swelling, pain, scar, and crusty appearance of the recipient sites where grafts are implanted. Thus, we can say that hair transplant surgery is free from any kind of side effects or discomfort.


The procedure of hair transplants gives the best aesthetic outcome if performed by the right technique after proper evaluation of the scalp as it is mandatory to receive the procedure only from the expert hair transplant surgeon. If the procedure is done judiciously, it is a rewarding procedure both for men and women affected by the hair loss or baldness issue.