Penis Health Creme Benefits – Penile Benefits Men Could Be Missing

A little extra care down there can go a long way in terms of penis health. Aside from practicing good hygiene and allowing the penis time to heal in between rigorous sessions of self-pleasure or partner playtime, men should consider supplementing their downstairs care regimen with a penis health crème. A quality crème can help combat a number of penis problems, including the following:

– Dry, cracked skin that causes itching, redness and soreness

– Loss of sensitivity due to inadequate blood supply or nerve function

– Aged appearance due to low collagen supply

Not all crèmes are created equal. Knowing what benefits to seek out in a product and what ingredients provide them will help men get the most out of their investment. The best products will provide the following benefits:

1) Cell Protection

Healthy cells are at the foundation of healthy, sensitive skin tissue. Over the years, cells in the penis incur damage both from use and from oxidative stress. Acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin E and vitamin D are nutrients that help to maintain healthy cells and repair damaged ones. Look for these nutrients in a product’s ingredient list.

2) Hydration

Friction is a force to which the penis is no stranger – from masturbation to sex to rubbing up against undergarments, a man’s favorite body part all-too-often gets dry. Dry penis skin can lead to cracks, redness, soreness and itching. Men can reduce the perpetual impact of friction on penis skin by keeping it nice and hydrated. A quality penis health crème will contain natural moisturizers such as Shea butter and vitamin E that keep skin soft and smooth without causing irritation.

3) Blood Flow Enhancement

The penis needs an ample supply of blood flow, which is rich in oxygen and nutrients, in order to maintain optimal functioning. The enzyme L-arginine helps to manufacture nitrous oxide in the body, a molecule that plays a role in directing the expansion and relaxation of blood vessels. Proper control of this process ensures healthy blood flow. Look for L-arginine in a penis health crème.

4) Nerve Protection

Along with blood flow, a healthy nerve supply is imperative to ensuring the penis stays strong and lasts long. Over the years, the penis takes a pounding that can result in injury to the nerves; this doesn’t require any special trauma, as it can occur from normal use. A good health crème will feature the substance acetyl L-carnitine, which protects nerves. This keeps sensitivity levels (and, therefore, the penis,) up.

5) Skin Protection

As people age, their stores of collagen begin to deplete. Collagen is a protein that keeps skin firm, elastic and youthful. Skin begins to sag and wrinkle when collagen stores run low, and the penis is not immune to these effects. A penis health crème can help combat the natural effects of aging on the appearance of the penis by boosting the production of collagen. Vitamin C is a nutrient to look out for on the ingredient list.