The Complexities Behind Overcoming an Addiction

When suffering from an addiction, it can be so hard to use your willpower to keep your mind away from giving in to your addictive pleasures. And the more dependent you are on your addictive comforts, the harder it becomes to resist the impulses to indulge in these unhealthy habits. 

Moreover, your brain has already created a reward system that is compromised by addiction and drug abuse – and those who become addicted tend to seek out the pleasurable feeling they get from their addiction more frequently. As a result, addiction sufferers become unable to feel good without succumbing to their addictive choices. 

And if that is not enough, addiction is one of the rare health problems that does not exist on its own. It has been noted that people who suffer from addiction often tend to have mental health issues. When this happens, individuals with what is commonly called a dual diagnosis which makes treatments complicated. These co-occurring disorders are complicated issues with drug use often masking some of the behaviors and symptoms of these disorders making treatment very difficult until a proper and correct diagnosis is reached. 

Aside from the problems that occur with one’s body and mind, there are also several social repercussions that come from addictive choices. Within their social circle and while under the influence of their addictions, individuals can behave in ways that alienate them from their friends and family. Additionally, someone who is feeding their addiction resorts to unhealthy behaviors to sustain their addictive habits. 

The unfortunate thing about all of this is that what we have mentioned so far only scratches the surface of the issues faced by people suffering from addictions. If you want to get treated for your addictions or have someone who needs help with theirs, consider taking your queries to Dr. Mark Shaw. 

As a licensed and ordained minister, Dr. Shaw has been known worldwide to be one of the leading nouthetic counselors, addiction counselors, public speakers, authors, and seminary instructors in the arena of a spiritual approach to addiction to help the hurting.

In an addiction career that spans the last three decades, Dr. Shaw founded The Addiction Connection, a 501c-3 non-profit organization with a committed network of addiction programs, churches, and counselors trained to help the addicted and their families with compassion. 

Offering real hope and practical help, The Addiction Connection trains willing persons to serve the addicted with skill and passion. Dr. Shaw teaches addiction training courses to counselors and qualified helpers. In his disciple-making program for addicts called “Next Steps: Be Transformed,” this 16 month curriculum enables addiction leaders to teach and discuss solid principles in their programs and churches giving hope and help to the addicted. Dr. Shaw’s mission is to train leaders who desire to help the addicted and their families with a biblical and gospel-focused approach to recovery. The courses offered by The Addiction Connection will equip persons desiring to learn a spiritual approach to addiction. 

Overall, Dr. Shaw has built a team of national and international leaders mobilized to serve hurting persons due to addiction issues. The Addiction Connection has a growing list of Commissioned Addictions Biblical Counselors (CABC) who individualize the care of the addicted and their families. While the complexities behind overcoming an addiction may seem overwhelming, the skills, experience, and in-depth knowledge of the counselors in The Addiction Connection network offer spiritual answers for the problem of addiction.