The Field of a Massage Therapist Can Be Dominated by All Genders

Male Massage Therapist by allenhamiltons on DeviantArt

Regardless of what kind of work a person does, stress builds up, and sometimes it is important to burst the stress. One can take help from a massage centre for relief. There are various kinds of massage therapies that one can choose from. However, there has always been discrimination in massage parlours and females have been preferred over male massage professionals. Things are still changing, there is a building need for males into the profession due to various kinds of the choices that customers make.

Why are women preferred?

It is a known fact that most massage professionals are females and also massage parlour prefer female over male massage therapist. The reasons are as follows.

  • Most people are less threatened by the idea of disrobing in front of a female.
  • The insecurity that a woman has about her body can be overlooked by females.
  • Many people believe that a massage may be sexualized and therefore prefer women in this field.
  • Many men try to avoid intimacy with the same gender due to homophobia and hence prefer women as a massage therapist.
  • Women are also thought to have a better nurturing capacity.

Male massage therapist

Overcoming the misconception that a woman is a better massage professional has been difficult but the rewards are worthy of all the effort. There is some successful and well-known male massage therapist around the world. They have worked hard and achieved all the quality of a massage therapist. The customers have observed the change and started opting for male massage therapists. They also have come out of the cocoon of discomfort and do not have any gender preferences for their therapist.

Skills of a therapist

Irrespective of gender, it is the skill that is important for an individual to sustain the role of a massage therapist. The skill that they learn should be soothing and stress relieving. For massage for ailments, the therapist should use techniques that ease the pain and cures the ailment.

Massage has been an important change in lifestyle that the urban people have adapted. The practice of massage has been there since time immemorial, it was also looked down upon in the recent past for the intimacy that they are associated with. Even medical professionals have preferred the practice of massage for ailments. With changing trends, customers do not have any gender preferences for their massage therapist.