What is THC lube? Know about its effectiveness

You might have heard about the weed lube! If you haven’t tried it then here is your chance to know more about it. You might be curious to know that does THC lube really offer you the best orgasm. This herb offers a really offers you a really good orgasm or not is the big question. Well, the answer may be yes/no! But one thing is true that when you will use it you will really feel something. If you are going to give it a shot then are 8 things you need to know about the cannabis lube. 

Your lady part won’t reek- 

If you are wondering about that will your vagina will smell something as freshly lit joint then the answer is ‘NO’. THC lube commonly doesn’t involve scent or taste. It may have a little herbal aroma but that’s not what you can consider as scent. 

It is more like Oil than a lube- 

THC lube is different from your traditional lube as it is an oil-based spray.  Thus, it will feel lighter when you apply it. In addition to this, the effect will take at least 15minutes to more than an hour to kick in, therefore if you are thinking that you will just apply it and will get to see the sudden effect then you is wrong. 

You will get super wet- 

For sure, this product alone will make your down part moist. However, as per to some ladies that have used it, they say that it makes them wetter than usual so it is a plus point for them. 

If you spray this weed on the honey pot it won’t get high- 

Some people think that using the cannabis will get you high so if they make use of this lube they think they will get high. However, the answer is big “no” You will not get high but if you use it as it an edible then it may have a psychoactive effect. 

Your vagina will be on vacation- 

You might have wondered that how it feels to have the stoned vagina. Well in simple words, it feels very good as id you are laying on a towel at the beach.  it will make you relaxed as well as tension free. 

It’s true that your orgasm will improve- 

It is true that you can achieve great orgasm but this doesn’t mean that product alone can make it work. It is important that your partner understands the move and the product used along which will offer great orgasm. 

So, this was all about the THC lube and if you wish to make use of it then go ahead and use it. Before buying it or making use makes sure that you take the advice of your doctor. Also, check if you are allergic to the product or not. If you wish to see the great results then use it in the same manner as told in the instructions on its package.