Why Are Pancakes Incomplete Without Cheese?

Shredded cheese inside of a pancake may seem like a really out of the box idea; not many people have tried it, but trust me, it tastes fantastic. Pancakes are good, cheese is good, so why not bring both together and make them amazing.

Let me tell you why I started having this weird but great combination. Who does not like a fresh pile of pancakes on their table for breakfast? Most people like to have pancakes with fruits, syrups, or honey.

I have twins, one of them loves sweet, and the other one loves savoury, and I also don’t like having to make two things early in the morning.

Then, I started making cheese pancakes for my son and myself. It is an excellent alternative to sweet pancakes. We both loved it, and I feel it is far more nutritious because you are avoiding more sugar.

However, when adding cheese to your pancake, it is essential to choose the right cheese, and I use Mexican Shred Blend from Pure Dairy. It is the blend of four Mexican cheese, and it melts beautifully and quickly.

Not all people will like them, but let me try to convince you, at least. Here are why pancakes are incomplete without cheese:

Cheese Pancakes Are Healthier

Cheese is a powerhouse of calcium and protein, which makes it much healthier than other toppings. Syrups contain artificial sugar, which is not so good for your health; it can cause digestive issues and other health complications.

Shredded cheese gives the pancake a healthier twist along with rich taste. Cheese is also a good option for those who are on a diet. They can still enjoy delicious pancakes without the guilt of sugar intake.

Wide Variety of Cheese

We all know there is a wide variety of cheeses available in the market, so you have too many options. If you don’t like one, you can try others.

It is just like changing the flavours of syrup or fruit. Try Mexican shredded cheese, or maybe cheddar, goats’ cheese or even feta, anything you like.

 It Is Super Delicious

Leaving the healthier aspect aside, adding Mexican shredded cheese into your pancakes makes them much richer and more flavourful. Especially if you are a cheese lover, this is heaven for you.

Trying a new combination is always great; you get to taste some amazing dishes. Again, adding too much of anything won’t make your recipes great. So, when you are making cheese pancakes for the first time, you should add a small quantity of cheese. If you like it, you can increase the quantity as per your taste.

Tastes great with Fruits

Many fruits go with cheese, such as pear and brie, apple and cheddar, fig and blue, and many other fruits taste good with cheese.

You can also experiment with fruit and cheese combinations, but make sure you taste them before adding them to the pancakes, to avoid any mishaps.

Trust me, try shredded cheese inside your pancake, and maybe it will be your new favourite thing.