A Cooking Nerds Guide to Cheese Sauce Dishes

Nacho cheese sauce or liquid cheese, as we call it here in Australia, has become very popular. We can now have cheese sauce with almost everything.

Restaurants sell burgers completely dipped in cheese sauce, and we can get fries with tons of cheese sauce on them. Nacho cheese sauce has become a food staple for many people, and it is my favourite too.

When we think about cheese sauce, some of the dishes that comes in our mind is nachos, mac, and cheese, burgers, or maybe even a grilled sandwich.

I am so bored with all these dishes, but you know I can never get bored of cheese sauce. So, I just thought about unique combinations with cheese sauce, and guess what, I tried some of them.

This might not be a completely new dish or a unique combination for many people. You know, with children, it is quite rare to get time to think and innovate things, but I still try my best.

Here, I have three not-so-common dishes that taste amazing with cheese sauce.

Omelette with Cheese Sauce

This was pretty unique for me as I had not tried this combo. Eggs are a breakfast dish for myself and my kids. They contain good fat and protein, so they are slow to digest and make you fuller for longer, which is why I try to give them eggs for breakfast or lunch.

Early in the morning, I don’t get much time to experiment with the dishes. I serve boiled eggs or scrambled eggs or omelettes. In the past few weeks, they fought with me every morning because they were bored eating the same thing every day.

One day I just poured cheese sauce on top of their omelette, and they loved it. Now I am sorted for a month or two. This is a super easy recipe; all you have to do is make a fluffy omelette and pour the super yummy cheese sauce on top.

You can also add some veggies like carrot, capsicum, spring onions, or sausages. I like it spicy, so I add green chilly when I am cooking for myself.

Bite-sized Pretzel Dog with Cheese Sauce

I was looking for some snack ideas last week, and I stumbled upon a page. They were serving pretzel dogs with cheese sauce, and I was like, wow, why didn’t I think about it.

We usually serve pretzel dogs with mustard sauce, but serving it with cheese sauce was a great idea. I prefer making gluten-free pretzel dogs, so I quickly made pretzel dogs and served it with cheese sauce. It was a hit!

Potato Toast with Cheese Sauce

I just love how cheese sauce upgrades every dish. As I said before, I try not to eat eggs after lunch, so instead of egg toast, I make potato toast for snacks.

I add American cheese in it, but liquid cheese sauce also tastes amazing. Boil some potatoes, mash it with onion, chilli, coriander, and some spices. Then add it on the bread, pour some cheese sauce, cover it with another piece of bread and grill it. Enjoy it with some ketchup!

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