An Expert Guide On How To Pick The Right Razor

Best Close Shave Electric Razor in 2021 : An Expert Roundup

There was a time shaving was primarily associated with men and their beards. But times have changed now, and today both men and women are using razors to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. But not all razors are constructed in the same manner, and they deliver different results. Therefore, you need to choose a razor that is best suitable for your needs. In this blog, we are sharing some valuable tips that will help you get the best razor. 

Razors For Sensitive Skin

There is a greater risk for razor burns, irritations, and rashes for people with sensitive skin. Therefore, the kind of razors you use matters a lot. Selecting the razor with the right blade will protect your skin and give you more optimized shaving results. Go for a razor, which is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. 

And to avoid the chances of irritation, go for a razor that has five blades. Five blades are placed closely together; they prevent the skin from bulging up between the blades and provide you with a cleaner finish. With more blades on the razor, the hairs are likely to get cust in a single pass. Since you will need fewer strokes, thereby reducing the chances of skin irritations. 

Get A More Precise Control 

Shaving curvier parts of the body can be a trick. These are the places where you need more precision and control. Therefore, you should go for razors that come with an easy-to-grip handle designed especially to contour over various angles seamlessly. The handle of the razor should be flexible, allowing you to adjust different angles. Additionally, the handle should be ergonomic so that you can comfortably hold the razor at every angle. 

The Longevity Of The Razors 

Disposable razors are very popular as they are perfect for a one-time use of limited use. These razors come with blade quantity between one and five and can be used up to 10 shaves. When you notice that the blades have become dull, you can toss them in the dustbin and grab a new one. These are great when you are travelling or have a couple of extra razor sets of guests who might have forgotten theirs. 

Choose The One With Refillable Blade Cartridges 

If you want to test a couple of different blades to figure out what works best for you, you should invest in a reusable razor. Reusable razors feature detachable blade cartridges, allowing you to keep the handle while replacing the blades when they become dull. Additionally, refillable razors allow you to mix things up without having to pay for the whole razor. All you have to do is buy the blade sets and test to see whether the option suits you. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are male or female, finding the right razor can be overwhelming, especially among many razors in the market. Above, we have shared some valuable tips that will help you find the best razor that caters to your particular needs.

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