Can CBD Actually Help With Pain Relief?

Yes, as millions of users would say, CBD works as advertised for chronic pain as well as it does for sore, over-used muscles. Unfortunately, due to all the negative publicity aimed at the Marijuana plant in the past too many people are still afraid to give it a chance. The compound found in this simple plant (Cannabidiol) is recognized as one of the best natural pain relievers on the market. Unlike many pharmaceuticals, it can be used for long periods without danger of addiction and has no side effects.

There Is No “High” Associated With Cannabidiol, Only Relief From Pain

Cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects because it contains no THC, which is the compound in Marijuana that produces the “high”. Millions of Americans live with chronic pain and until CBD entered the picture the only options were pharmaceuticals, with side effects that needed medications of their own. Comparing the cost for all those prescriptions to that of using CBD for Pain relief has helped many decide to go ahead and give nature a chance.

How CBD Works To Help Manage Pain

The body produces its own kind of cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) naturally, and they work to regulate things such as pain, immune-system, and sleep responses. Adding CBD helps encourage the body to make use of these natural endocannabinoids more efficiently. Receptors in the brain receive chemical signals from stimuli which help cells respond to these signals. When these receptors interact with CBD it produces the anti-inflammatory effects which reduce pain.

There Is No Limit To How Long CBD Can Be Used and Effects Remain The Same

It is one of the few things known to science that works long term without building a tolerance. Using CBD means there is no need to increase the amount needed over time to achieve the same desired effect. These results may vary from person to person so in the beginning adjustments for the perfect dose may be needed. Faithfully keeping a daily journal of how much is used, and noting specific effects makes figuring the most effective personal dosage much easier.

Generally, the length of time CBD stays in the body to manage pain depends on how it was used. It may be inhaled, applied topically, orally (absorbed through membranes in the mouth), or ingested. The most reassuring thing about CBD is there is no danger in experimentation to find the right dosage. Individual dosing requirements will vary from person to person, so trusting the advice of someone already using it is not a good idea to achieve maximum benefits.

Consult Your Doctor Before Use

CBD appears to be well-tolerated by most and is not known to be addictive. However, those who use blood thinners or need anti-seizure drugs should not take CBD without the approval of their Physician because it can interact with these medicines. This miracle product is not meant as a substitute for standard medical care. For example, it may ease the pain of chronic arthritis, but inflammation associated with this condition often leads to joint damage which CBD could not control or help.


One thing is certain when compared to the cost and side effects of prescription drugs CBD truly is a modern miracle. Even the tightest budgets can handle its low cost, and as long as proper dosing requirements are followed there are no dangerous side effects to deal with. CBD may not be suitable for everyone, but considering all the benefits it is definitely worth considering.