Can Kids Have Dental Implants?

Are Pediatric Dental Implants Safe?Introduction: 


Dental care for children is as important as we adults; what if it comes to dental implants? Hmm..You must talk to an expert and professional dentist about it. Still, if you haven’t got perfect answers from your dentistry clinic, here are we to help.


If you want Dental Implants in Marion for yourself, okay, but not at all for kids. Why? Read below to know more about why it is not suggested for children.


Who Can Have Dental Implants?


Yeah! That’s true to know that dental implants are a general way to replace your missing teeth, but in adults, not kids. These are never good-to-go options for children with a growing stage but not mature jaw. Children have ingrown teeth until that stops naturally; dental implants are never done.


The minimum age for a dental implant is as follows;


  • At least 15 years old for girls.
  • At least 17 years old for boys.


Noteworthy is why teenage boys and girls have that age difference. Well, that is because girls’ bone growth is usually complete earlier than boys’. Jaw bone in girls naturally finishes growing in 15 to 16 years and in boys in 17 to 18. This can have dental implants that won’t affect their teeth adversely grow in the future.


Alternatives to Dental Implants:


Teens and pre-teens have missing teeth, which is normal and natural but obviously can have dental implants. Therefore having other alternatives is more precise.


  1. Removable Partial Denture.
  2. Bridge.
  3. Braces.
  4. Space Maintainers.


The Bottom Line:


Fortunately, with the alternatives mentioned above to dental implants, kids have better oral health and a reason to smile. So parents must go for them and have a proper discussion with a family dentist. If you need Dental Implants in Marion, go for an expert dentist. For children, find a good alternative, especially adolescents and teens.