Cannabis and Securing an Employment

When you are looking for work, you will have to consider your taking of weed.  The weed in the body can survive for long periods. The employers do drug tests which include the THC tests.  If you fail that’s the end; no job for you.

 You’re to consider leaving marijuana before going for an interview. Employers are still using the old ways of discriminating in employment legally. Despite the legalization of marijuana in some states, there is no law barring them from conducting these tests.  If you have an upcoming interview then you will have to reconsider THC intake.

 How long does marijuana stay in the body?

If you’ve been given an interview to attend, consider reducing your intake or abandoning weed for some time. Weed in urine can stay between 3 to 30 days. In the hair, marijuana can last up to 12 weeks.  In the blood system, marijuana tests can detect cannabis use for the last 12 months; however, the test only considers usage in the last 3 months.  Therefore, before you consider that interview you’ll have to show that you’re clean. 

When tests are carried out, hair, blood, and urine tests are done. You’ll have to find some time to clean up your system; to remain relevant to the job.  If you’re working, remember there’re regular tests carried for employees.  You may need to tone down on the intake of marijuana in your place of work. For higher-paying jobs, you must take these tests. You can try and clean up the system before the interview date. 

Cleaning up the system

When you realize that you have been taking marijuana for the last 3 months or more, the likelihood that you will be found positive for THC is very high. You’ll then need to clean and reduce the content inside your body; hoping that your interview is scheduled after three months.  Less than three months may prove a hard tackle. You may try to reduce the intake, and as early as possible.

The cannabis intake can be detected even 12 months ago. But remember the consideration is 3 months and above. Your employer can consider if data shows you’ve stopped in the last three months. When the time is against you, start by taking lots of water, do exercises and avoid any extra cannabis. The turnaround time can be reduced when you detox with lemon and green tea. 

What to do in the place of work.

If you’ve been taking marijuana before securing a job, visit a doctor who can prescribe low-doses that’ll not affect your work ethic.  You can go to hospitals in the states that have legalized medical marijuana such as Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary and get the right dosage.  You may be using marijuana for medical purposes in the office, but employers may not understand. The law doesn’t exempt you because of medical conditions. Avoid getting yourself kicked out of your job, reduce the usage of marijuana, and get help to reduce and abandon completely the intake.Therefore, by visiting a doctor maybe in a Pennsylvania marijuana dispensary, you can obtain the doctor’s description, and even authority to use the drug.  That may protect you in your job and also prevent some small accidents happening while you’re working.