Cbd For Cats: Explained

CBD is a hemp plant compound. It has the same beneficial effects as marijuana but without its intoxicating effects. Broad-spectrum oil is stronger than the isolates; with broad-spectrum oil, the cannabinoids and compounds act synergistically, complementing each other. Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils have an entourage effect. The Endocannabinoid system is essential to regulate appetite, mood, swelling, memory, and discomfort. CBD activates the Endocannabinoid system, bringing about positive mood and memory changes and decreasing appetite and discomfort. Holistapet CBD products for cats can be available in oil, capsules, catnip spray, and cat treats.


Since FDA does not regulate CBD products for cats, take extra precautions to verify the quality of CBD for cats. Verify the lab reports for the quantity of THC. The absence of THC is the most important criterion for eliminating Psychotic effects. Holistapet CBD oil for cats contains less than 0.3% THC, eliminating the possibility of psychotic effects. Cats can tolerate CBD products but may sometimes suffer from side effects such as dry mouth and drowsiness.

The dosage of CBD for cats depends on their body weight and tolerance level. For an average cat of 8-10 lbs, 150mg of CBD oil tincture is advised.


We at Holistapet are the most preferred and vet-recommended CBD for cats online. Our CBD is third-party lab tested for each batch for its potency. Our products are 100% natural and non-GMO, and no artificial flavours and additives are added. All our products at Holistapet do not contain THC, so your cat cannot get high after taking Holistapet CBD.

The most common methods to administer your cat CBD are oil tinctures, treats, and capsules. In the case of oil tinctures, put a few drops directly into the mouth or under the tongue or add a few drops to its diet. Chewed and baked treats are available in different flavours and need to be chewed. You can give capsules by hiding them in its diet or opening it up and sprinkling their contents in the food.

If normal doses are administered, the cat feels relaxed and sleeps well; in cases of higher dosage, it may become exhausted.


Holistapet CBD for cats is manufactured using natural ingredients and contains less than 0.3 THC. They are safe and can help treat many cat ailments efficiently. They are affordable, easy to administer, and have minimal side effects. When administered in the right proportion, they help the cat relax.