Digital Health ID Card: Steps to Apply Online and What are the Benefits

Digitization has transformed the way we transact and do business. And in terms of technology and computerized healthcare, the healthcare environment is just a little behind. The Central Government has started the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) or National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) to digitize the country’s healthcare system fully.

Here we will look at the benefits and how to apply:

Know More About the Digital Health ID Card

The digital Health ID Card is an online identity card that contains information about the person who has a card (including health records). The Health ID Card is digitally accessing and sharing the health details of the person who has the card.

The digital health ID is a randomly generated, unique 14-digit number used to identify individuals, verify them, and access their health records (with their permission) across different healthcare organizations and systems.

HPR registration for Healthcare Providers

HPR Registration is Health Professionals Registry where healthcare professionals register themselves to get connected and provide their services. So, patients would feel comfortable to entrust their health to the hands of an HPR-registered doctor.

To complete the HPR registration process, healthcare practitioners must supply the HCPC with personal information, educational qualifications, and professional experience.

How to apply for Health ID?

The health ID is generated with the help of a person’s basic information combined with the Aadhaar or mobile number. Cardholders can digitally link all of their health records with this digital ID.

Why is a digital Health ID Card required?

The digital Health ID Card helps access, share, and manage your medical records. Compared to physical or traditional medical documents, your medical records are stored securely and safely with a digital health card.

Check out a few of the advantages of having a Digital Health ID Card.

  • Digitalize health records:

Access your health records, which include information from admission to treatment and discharge. All of this is in a paperless environment.

  • PHR

Link your PHR to your digital health ID to build a long-term health history.

  • Availability of Digi Doctors:

The health ID grants access to verified Digi Doctors in a secure setting.

  • Safe and private:

Strong and powerful security protection methods have been built into the digital platform. Every time your PHR is accessed when you give your permission.

  • Access based on consent:

Your health data is only shared with relevant participants once you have informed consent. You can also manage and cancel your consent.

  • Simple signup procedure:

Health ID can be created only by basic details like Aadhaar or mobile number.

It is Easy to Create the Digital Health ID Card

The Digital Health ID Card is known to be an important step in the healthcare industry in India. A health ID linked to an individual’s Aadhaar number allows them to save and access their medical records digitally. The Health ID Card is an important step towards improving India’s healthcare system’s efficiency and effectiveness.