Do you need to lose body fat faster? Follow these essential tips

15 Essential Fat Loss Tips - SIX

When the goal is to get in shape, what you really need is to lose body fat. When Excessive amount of fats accumulated in the body it can create the problem of obesity.  As a result of the same it prevents from having a perfectly shaped body. To eliminate it, we ended up using drastic weight loss methods and in a short period of time we sacrifice muscle mass, leaving ourselves hungry and weak. For you who want to know how to lose belly fat and preserve muscle mass, check out these essential tips below. 

Don’t go hungry

The simple rule for losing body and belly fat is that you must eat less than you are burning. In other words, there is no magic. You need to have a caloric deficit. With the help of a nutritionist, you need to find the caloric point that your body normally functions. When you have found the magic number, reduce it by 500-800 calories a day and by the end of a month you will have results. Before starting the exercises, it is important to check your health with a general practitioner.

Start with weight training

Yes, weight lifting can be a great way to boost fat loss. You can use it to maintain muscle mass and burn a significant amount of calories. For best results, choose exercises with more repetitions and less load or those that work on moving the body while lifting weights. These full-body movements will involve the largest number of muscles at the same time and burn fat more easily.

Be careful with Cardio exercises

Besides following your diet, cardiovascular exercises can accelerate the fat burning process, using the extra calories. However, excessive cardio activity can help with major muscle loss. Also, the activity will make you feel more exhausted and tired. To lose body fat as quickly as possible, limit to a maximum of 3 sessions x 30 min per week, at first. If any discomfort arises, such as pain in the spine or knee, it is important to avoid doing the exercise until a doctor’s assessment, so that your health is not harmed. 

Control carbohydrate intake

Low carbohydrate consumption is not an answer for everyone. Cutting off carbohydrates and increase in proteins and fats consumption may work for some. The important thing is not to cut off carbohydrates for a long time which can lead to muscle loss and a feeling of weakness. If you know how to balance carbohydrate consumption, you will achieve better results.

Drinks to boost your metabolism and lose body fat

If you drink only these three drinks 99% of the time on the diet, you will be able to lose body fat faster than ever before. Caffeine boosts your metabolism and helps you feel energized. Green Tea contains many beneficial antioxidants that support weight loss. Water is essential for all types of body functions, but it also increases metabolism. You must not cut off calorie intake dangerously. Otherwise, it will lead you to severe consequences. You need to have a perfect balance of calorie intake and fat burning. 

Allow time to achieve results

Don’t create short, unrealistic goals. It depends on the amount of body fat you need to reduce. You should commit at least 3 to 4 months to see the result. Bodybuilding is a double-edged sword. It can help preserve muscle mass during the diet, but over-training can cause opposite result. When you are at the gym, always work carefully on the amount of weight and perform the exercises correctly. It is important to drink water between exercises. Another excellent option for toning the body and losing weight are fights and martial arts, which define muscles and improve endurance and physical strength. Get plenty of rest, at least devoting 8 hours of god sleep.