Finer Options for the CBD Usages Now


Hemp protein is one of the best nutritional sources we can find in the market. It is very rich in minerals and vitamins, we can also highlight its contribution in iron, phosphorus and magnesium. You can incorporate it without problems to any diet, it already has an amino acid profile and has an excellent assimilation, the better a protein is digested, the more efficient it will be used by the body. For the cbd hemp flower   the options are there.

Is hemp and marijuana the same?

  • Although both hemp and marijuana come from the same family: cannabis, these two plants have features that distinguish them completely.
  • Marijuana was characterized by its high content of THC (15%), the chemical that causes the psychoactive effect, while in hemp THC levels are very low, around 0.5%.
  • Hemp is a taller plant, with robust fibers from which ropes, textiles and even paper can be made . Its cultivation is very beneficial for the environment, since it can grow without pesticides, while purifying the earth.

From hemp you get the seeds where the protein comes from. It is a dietary supplement rich in fiber. Recall that diets with high fiber content reduce the risk of heart disease, since it regulates cholesterol levels. The consumption of fiber helps you against obesity, reducing waste and toxins from the digestive system, fighting constipation.

It is considered a superfood for its wide and recognized health benefits. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you should know that it is a good alternative supplement for your diet. Eye: Its consumption is completely legal.

The Use of the Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is one of the few foods that contains most of the essential fatty acids and amino acids required by our body. In addition, studies have shown that the protein has effects against fatigue and improves the immune system. Thanks to its high concentration of omegas, it facilitates the transport of oxygen to cells throughout our body, this will help to block viruses and infections by fungi or bacteria, strengthening your body.

Some other features and benefits of hemp protein

  • Allergen free (substances that can cause an allergic reaction). Example: Soy and lactose are included in the list of the 8 top allergens.
  • Contributes to your bone health thanks to its calcium, vitamin D and magnesium content.
  • Trypsin free. This means that it increases protein absorption and reduces flatulence.
  • Prevents anemia thanks to its high iron content.
  • It is not transgenic. Genetically modified seeds are not used for its production. 

Its consumption is recommended for everyone, especially for those who make physical efforts, students, athletes or people who are looking to lose weight , among others.