Getting Your Teeth Whitening Treatment in Singapore

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Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is the process of lightening the colour of the human teeth. Teeth whitening is often desirable when teeth become yellowed over time for a number of reasons. Here are frequently asked questions about teeth whitening in Singapore.

1. Is it better to whiten teeth at dentist or home?

Even though whitening your teeth at home might seem to be the most easy and inexpensive option, professional way would always be the better option. Getting your teeth whiten with a professional is always a much safer and effective option as compared to at home treatments. You can always whiten your teeth at home but you would not have the same knowledge and expertise of a professional. Dental professionals are trained with years of experience in the field to give the best care for your teeth. To prevent any risk or damage to your teeth and gums, it would be better to get your teeth whiten professionally.

2. How long does it take to whiten teeth at dentist?

It takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes for a whitening session at the dental clinic. The session will not end there. For the teeth to reach a desired stage of whiteness, it may require multiple sessions to achieve that. It might take weeks or month for the best results to show. The results may differ from person to person as some may see it immediately after the first session.

3. How can I make my teeth whiter naturally?

There are many at home remedies to naturally whiten the teeth. Most of the remedies like, rubbing banana peels or oil pulling are not backed up by scientific research. Another way would be to brush your teeth with baking soda, baking soda is mildly abrasive and is potent in scrubbing off stains on the teeth. Baking soda also prevents bacteria growth in the mouth. There are many more products that claims to whiten the teeth naturally, it might or might not work for different people. The best way is the maintain good oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy and clean.

4. Can everyone go for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is not for everyone. The condition of the teeth varies from different people and the results may not be as prominent as you hope for. Teeth whitening might be able to improve yellow discoloration but darker teeth may not respond to teeth whitening treatments.

5. Where can I find affordable teeth whitening in Singapore

Going to a professional dental clinic for in-office teeth whitening treatment is on the pricier end. For a more affordable teeth whitening option that is also recommended by professionals would be to purchase a take-home tooth whitening kit from the dental clinic. For even more inexpensive teeth whitening options would be to purchase whitening kits that are available in stores. There would be products that works for you.

6. Does whitening toothpaste work?

Whitening toothpaste works, but only to a certain extent. Whitening toothpaste only appears to whiten the teeth slightly by removing stains that exists on the surface of the tooth. However, whitening toothpaste are not able to change the natural colour of the teeth. The substances in the toothpaste can only break down or dissolve stains on a surface level. The stains on the teeth goes way deeper than a tooth’s surface.

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