Glo Turns Yoga Online Into Effective Strength Training Courses

Many people believe that they need to lift heavy weights or have a gym membership to build muscles and firm up. The revolutionary company Glo can teach you that all you need is to learn the proper moves. Glo created yoga online classes that strengthen and tone every part of the body with body weight driven movements. For added interest, some courses use rings, foam blocks, and light weights.

If you have a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or any computer, you can access Glo’s enormous database of yoga training videos. The company is a month-to-month subscription-based business that allows users to access 1000s of professionally made videos created by top-of-the-line instructors with years of experience. Glo took it one step further by not only giving the customer tons of video, but they made it so the user could download the programs and watch them offline. You do not have to be tied to your internet cord to tone up with Glo.


Doing yoga can strengthen your upper body and arms if you know which moves to do. Glo’s yoga online class dedicated to arm power is filled with moves to strengthen and stretch the biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles. Some of the poses will perform double duty, such as the plank portion. Planks require an individual to hold their own body weight with their arms. While holding the plank, the core muscles have to remain tight to keep the back from swaying. In addition to plank work, you will be doing downward dogs to stretch the shoulders and holding the warrior pose.


Many moves in yoga will develop your abdominal wall. Glo has patterned together many courses that target this area. For pregnant women, Glo has many videos that can help reconnect the stomach wall safely as well as recondition the pelvic floor muscles. If you have back issues, Glo produced a program with an Ayurveda yoga instructor that seams together gentle but effective poses and moves to regain control of the stomach and back muscles. Glo and instructor Korus have put together a two-week yoga online course that covers the muscles of the abdominal and the terminology. During the two-weeks, you will learn how to move and flatten the tummy, and you will never have to do a single sit up. The entire class develops core muscle with other yoga poses and movements.

Lower Body

The lower body can be very powerful, and there are many yoga poses and flowing movements that can strengthen and keep them flexible. The muscles of the legs are tied into the lower back, so keeping both areas flexible is essential for mobility and comfort. One of the yoga online courses created by Glo is all legs. The entire production keeps the weight on the legs. The arms never carry any body weight. All of the moves are completed standing up and will get the blood flowing to the lower extremities, and you will naturally engage your core muscles to maintain your balance through this challenging series. Many women want to tone and strengthen their hips and thighs. The Glo adduction class focuses on moving energy to the inner and outer thighs and the pelvic floor region. This is an advanced class that is a solid hour of work, and it requires a yoga block in order to be done correctly. Do not worry if you do not have an hour to spare. Glo offers classes that range from 15 minutes on up. With their form of yoga online, you can strength train your entire body in 15 minutes with a made-for-you class. The instructors will challenge you, and before you know, you will be done.