How Does Thermage Work?

The treatment includes using radiofrequency, or RF, technology for the therapy of the skin. It takes advantage of warmth to strengthen the core layers of the skin. The RF technology heats up the layers of collagen, which plays an essential function in the substitute of dead skin cells, in your skin, therefore, aiding in renovating the existing collagen as well as producing brand-new collagen. This, in turn, boosts the structure and level of smoothness of the skin.

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The procedure creates the skin to produce new collagen of its own in addition to boost the already existing collagen fibers. It makes utilization of the all-natural procedures in the body instead of relying on surgery to improve a patient’s skin.

What can Thermage treat?

By undergoing this anti-aging therapy, you can deal with wrinkles and great lines on your body consisting of the eyes, hands, arms, upper buttocks, legs, face, and so on. Furthermore, it additionally helps in smoothening the irregular as well as dimpled skin of the body. In addition to this, the anti-aging therapy can additionally lower the look of the cellulite, the under-skin fat that triggers lumpiness of the skin, temporarily.

Who can undertake Thermage?

This procedure is constructed for clients who don’t intend to do a surgical renovation. This does not indicate that it is an alternate to a medical facelift. Both these procedures, i.e., Thermage treatment and medical facelift have their pros and cons.

Those ideals for the Thermage therapy consist of:

  • Those that do not want to undertake a surgical facelift.
  • Middle-aged women presenting indicators of brow/neck/eyelid sagging.
  • Middle-aged women showing signs of sagging jowls/cheek folds.
  • Those who intend to strengthen their skin structure without going through surgery.
  • Those who have earlier had a renovation, however, intend to strengthen the framework of their skin even more.