How to add beetroot in your diet?

After reading this you will definitely include Beetroot in your ...

Among the huge list of fruits and vegetables, beetroots have achieved a place too quickly in the category of superfood. Just because it’s overall health advantages and easy consuming property more people are adding such food in their diets. But the thing is some people are still not aware of its use and the form they have should use in their diet due to which they are not able avail its amazing benefits. If you are also one of them given below are tips to implement in your diet to get efficient health benefits.

Beetroot milkshake 

Trying the beetroot milkshake is the best way to double its portions and vitamins for your body. It is also the perfect breakfast for all day long. If you are in the habit of attending your workout session in morning then nothing could be the best post-workout than beetroot milkshake. Find the best beet powder from the market and mix it with some other ingredients like cinnamon and vanilla to enhance its taste and aroma. You can also try beetroot ice cream in summers to keep yourself cool. 

Beetroot soup 

If you want to avail maximum advantages of the beetroot then nothing is better than the soup. The best thing about the soup is that it can be taken anytime in the afternoon lunch or in the evening as snacks. Preparing the soup is also simple than many other thing, you only have to cut or grate it finely and add your favorite ingredients like coriander and others to give an amazing taste and aroma. To make the structure thick, you can also add some beet powder at the time of preparation. Before poring it into your bowl, mix and cook it well to extract all the nutrients and vitamins from the root.   

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