Is It Ok To Consume Mouthwash To Get Drunk?

Worldwide, alcohol consumers are getting increased. More than standard alcohol beverage consumers, people drink alcohol in different forms such as rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer or mouthwash. Of course, can you get drunk on listerine mouthwash will give you the same drunken feel, but it will kill you. When it comes to mouthwash, an ingredient call ethanol is completely unsafe to consume. At the same time, other ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and methyl salicylate can cause severe stomach and intestine distress. 

Can You Get Drunk On Listerine?

Undoubtedly, you will get drunk by consuming Listerine. If you check this product, it contains over 26% alcohol, and this specific percentage is much higher than standard alcoholic beverages, such as beer or wine. So, if you check .5-liter bottle of Listerine may hold up to 23 standard drinks. No matter what, consuming alcohol will cause so many things such as body mass, age, etc. However, if you choose to drink alcohol in different forms, the consequences will differ for individuals. 

Why Should You Not Drink Mouthwash?

Be it is any mouthwash you use, surely it comes with a disclaimer that you should not drink the product at any cost. The purpose of using mouthwash is to make the mouth fresh, and you should not spilt it out. So, swallowing it can be toxic and lethal. People consume mouthwash instead of usual alcohol because it is inexpensive comparatively, the minty smell, and some other. 

Suppose if they can’t purchase alcohol at some point, then they prefer mouthwash. Most importantly, individuals who have an intense craving for alcohol alone choose to drink mouthwash. Also, the availability is high when compared with the usual alcohol. However, it is harmful; thus, you can get treatment from an alcoholic rehab for a better life to step out from this condition.