Juul: Bringing a Substantial Rise in Vaping

The global e-cigarette market witnessed a successful year in 2018 with sales growth rate significantly higher than 2017. The market size for global e-cigarettes is expected to reach up to USD 48.9 billion by 2025. This growth of market is anticipated to be primarily driven by the increasing demand for less harmful alternative to the traditional cigarettes among the working professionals and the youth. The increased consumption of electronic cigarette among young adults is said to be the key driver of the market during the forecast period.

What are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are battery powered devices that allows a user to inhale and exhale a liquid that gets heated into an aerosol. This liquid typically contains nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and other chemicals. E-cigarettes come in different shapes and sizes and are often known by several names like e-cigs, mods, e-hookahs, or the vape pens.

But to understand the increase in vaping among youth, you need to understand Juul; the popular e-cigarette brand that many argue helped vaping nicotine go viral. Juul’s stated mission is to improve the lives of world’s one billion adult smokers. Juul e cig is designed in a way that could easily be mistaken for a USB flash drive and can fit in the palm of your hand. In 2017, the US market expanded by 40% to $1.16 billion, with a considerable growth driven by Juul. Although there are numerous vape mods with a lot of options, it is the beauty and simplicity of Juul that makes it stand out from the rest. There are no buttons and users simply inhale to vape. The device has become so common among young people and adults that they have termed the practice of using it as ‘Juuling.’

Juul Pods: Made for Smokers, by Smokers

Apart from creating a safer option to smoking, Juul founders James Monsees and Adam Bowen wanted to bring something unique to the market. Their chief point of difference was the nicotine salt solution e-liquid in the pods. Nicotine salt liquids give a near instant hit, quite similar to that of a traditional cigarette. Use of Juul vaporizer starter kits and Juul e cig rose exponentially in 2018 among young people, but its popularity with friends and the availability of different flavors are top reasons for using it.

Why Young People are Using Juul?

Primary reasons for using Juul pods is because of its popularity among the youth, the variety of flavors, its perception of being less harmful than other products and its ability to give you a ‘buzz,’ as per a survey of more than 600 young adults during summer 2018.

About 47% of people use Juul e cig because their friends use it and around 29% use it because of its variety of flavors, including mango, mint and fruit medley. The prevalence of Juul pods in the marketplace together with survey data from young adults, reveal a truth that the Juul is a growing trend among young people. Manifold factors have driven the long-term trend in cigarette declines, but the largest recent contributor, especially over the past few months, has been the growth of Juul products as an absolute alternative for smokers.

Vaping has gained significant traction in the recent years, especially in the US and UK. With a dramatic rise in vaping more and more vaping stores and brands are popping up, and all you need is to walk down the street to get a sniff of sweet-smelling vapor from a passerby’s vape device. But one should always remember that they are not completely free from toxins, but yes they are a much better alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking.