Know all the benefits you can get from a San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary.

What specifically is marijuana? Before you can know exactly what Cannabis can do for you, you must consider basic information.

Since if you are thinking of ingesting it or just knowing a little more about the possible San Francisco cannabis dispensary, you should consider its origin. This is how cannabis Sativa, or simply the well-known and called marijuana, is an herbaceous species of the Cannabaceae family.

And the truth is that this type of plant, although it is produced in many places today, comes specifically from the Himalaya mountain ranges in Asia. Being classified as such, in the year 1753 by the scientist Carolus Linnaeus.

But with an exhibition that begins in prehistory, because the humans of that time used it as a spiritual instrument. In addition to using it as a textile fiber, because it was perfectly adapted to your needs, or simply to extract the oil from its seeds.

However, even though Cannabis is a plant that has thousands of years of interacting with people, in many countries, it is prohibited. However, that restriction is often only a type of regulation because the authorities understand what its consumption causes.

Similarly, it is important to note that this herbaceous species in the Cannabaceae family has many more colloquial names than just Cannabis or San Francisco marijuana dispensary. Starting with grass knowledge, specifically bangue in India, speck, bareta, dreamy, chestnut, shora, Juana, and even hemp.

What effects does Cannabis have against cancer?

The different investigations that professional scientists have done over the years regarding marijuana have yielded really interesting results.

Finding in this way, that the San Francisco cannabis dispensary is a very good option if you suffer from brain tumors.

Since a clinical study conducted by the Complutense University of Madrid found that cannabinoids can promote chemotherapy results, slowing the growth of these tumors.

In which countries of the world is cannabis legal?

Thanks to all the benefits or possible side effects that Cannabis brings, there are different positions regarding its legalization. But it should come as no surprise to you that countries today are increasingly prone to defending their positions.

Regardless of whether these nations are completely flexible with the consumption of marijuana, as is the case of the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. Or on the contrary, they reject the complete consumption and manipulation of it, within their borders.

Hence, some of the countries that defend the legality and responsibility of their citizens regarding the use of marijuana are:

  • U.S. Who to date has approximately seven consensual plantations to grow Cannabis, starting its process in 2010.
  • Argentina. Which has a law since 2017, which authorizes medical and scientific research with marijuana, but not its self-cultivation?
  • Ecuador. That since 2019, they have decriminalized the use of Cannabis, thus medicinally making its use, production, distribution, and marketing legal.
  • Mexico. It is another of the many countries that currently want to approve the use of marijuana for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. And because of this yearning, they have done a lot of research and legal studies to try to approve it in their country.