Know The Reasons Of Numb And Swollen Hands

Swelling in the hands is a sign of fluid retention in the body or inflammation of the joints or tissues in the hands. Hand swelling or edema may also result from trauma, infections and abnormal processes. Depending on the condition, the swelling may last longer or subside. However, if you also experience numbness in the hands, it may be due to Carpal tunnel syndrome, or the side effect of some medication. Often, swelling and numbness go hand in hand and you may need to visit a physician to detect the exact cause. Hand swelling may also occur with several other symptoms, such as chills, redness and fever.

Note the symptoms

Often hand swelling along with various other symptoms may indicate a life-threatening condition that only a doctor can evaluate. However, hand swelling may also occur during premenstrual syndrome or an infection that may result in inflammatory conditions. A broken bone or hand injury, trauma, injuries in the ligament, muscles or repeated stress are some of the reasons to experience stress. As far as numbness in the hands is concerned, there are several reasons why you may experience swelling. Stroke, vitamin deficiency, Carpal tunnel syndrome, medications or slipped discs may also result in a numb and swollen hand [มือ บวม ชา, which is the term in Thai]. Therefore, the reasons and numbness in the hands may be may be many but a doctor the exact reason through medical examinations and recommend the treatment.

Treatment and diagnosis

When it comes to treating numbness and swelling in the hands, you are likely to come across different treatment options. The medical practitioner may decide the right course of treatment. The potential complications of hand swelling and numbness can be many and most of them may be progressive. During the consultations with the physician, you may come across the right treatment options and get relief.

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