Knowing A Few Side Effects Of Using Smok Novo Kits

When it comes to studying side effects of smok novo kits, you need to know that most of them are based on situations and none of them are universal. Due to the difference of variables in the vaping devices, and e-liquid they contain, the side effects tend to vary as well. Often dry mouth is a symptom you can experience after using this kit and it is most likely due to the ingredients of e-liquid such as propylene glycol. Another ingredient that causes dry mouth is vegetable glycerin, which is a constituent of e-liquid as well. Due to their capacity to absorb water, presence of these ingredients can result in dryness of mouth.

Coughing and vaping

Is coughing related to vaping? Many vapers experience coughing initially even if you have been smoking conventional cigarettes, you may experience similar symptoms. A lot of people tend to cough due to the use of low quality kits and often due to bad approach towards inhaling and vaping. For instance, using a DL device that allow the lungs to inhale directly or experiencing a draw similar to cigarettes containing high airflow can result in coughing. Try to weigh the options before you buy vaping kits. The smok novo kit can subside symptoms such as coughing. You must study the usage pattern and the constituents of the kit before buying the product.

Scratchiness in the throat

Soreness in the throat or scratchy throat are the other symptoms you may experience after using vaping kits. The symptoms is most likely due to the coil present in the atomizer, flavoring agents, nicotine, or propylene glycol. Many of the coils used in the device are based on nickel, so beware of using such a kit if you are allergic to this ingredient. If you are not certain about the constituent that is causing soreness in the throat, you cannot find a remedy to it as well. When it is due to high percentage of nicotine or propylene glycol, you can lower the hits to mitigate the trouble.

Feeling of dizziness

It is not uncommon for first time users of vaping kits to experience dizziness.You can also feel light headed after vaping. However, the feeling tends to move away once you become a regular user. However, the best you can do is to lower the level of nicotine in the kit or reduce the duration for which you vape. Allowing your body to acclimatize to vaping is essential before you become a regular user.