Low-Level Laser Therapy and Laser Devices for Hair Regrowth

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If you are trying to grow and prevent hair thinning, laser treatment may be for you. Laser hair growth treatment devices, such as caps or bands, are developed for at-home usage. It is fast and convenient, so it will not interrupt your weekly schedule. Best part? It’s possible to watch TV at home while performing the treatment!

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been used more recently to promote hair growth in people with androgenetic alopecia.

Laser hair treatment employs medical-grade lasers to provide safe, low-level laser light for your scalp. Treatment resembles watering plants. Like the nutrients and water absorbed by plants, the light energy is absorbed by your hair follicles so that your hair can continue growing. Since the light is absorbed, microcirculation raises, therefore dispersing a more abundant blood supply and nutrients into the hair follicle. Low-level laser light stimulates cellular activity on your follicles to help reduce hair loss while assisting regrow hair.

Generally, laser hair treatment is intended for women and men with all lengths of hair detecting thinning. Symptoms such as this would possibly signify they are in the first stages of hair loss.

Benefits of Laser Devices, Such As Cap, Bands, Etc. Treatment Include:

Stimulates hair regrowth

Reduces additional hair loss

Increases hair strength and density (fullness)



No Frequent side effects

May Be Used for all hair lengths

Manageable daily time commitment

The advantages above are based on clinical research, published medical journal articles, and customer experience. Individual results may fluctuate and aren’t guaranteed.

Laser Cap

Caps provide safe, low-level laser light to your scalp. In only 6 minutes per day, it is possible to stimulate and fortify the cells in your hair follicles to promote new growth. Laser caps offer a convenient and comfortable way for hair loss. Caps are extremely portable, making storage and travel stress-free.


Bands include multiple medical-grade lasers that offer light therapy right to your scalp. It contains special teeth which part your hair to maximize light distribution to your follicles. You will utilize the LaserBand for no more than 90 seconds, three times every week. This laser device is small, portable, and simple to use.


Combs are lightweight, handheld devices containing multiple medical-grade lasers that use patented teeth to section your hair, enabling lasers to penetrate your scalp and provide therapeutic effects. You can revitalize your hair follicles in your home to encourage growth using three 8-minute sessions weekly.

Finding a device that works best for your lifestyle and allowing you to stay consistent with your regimen will help maximize your results.

Laser devices, such as laser caps, offer convenient and efficient ways for you to perform low-level laser therapy at the convenience of your home or even on-the-go. Companies such as HairMax even offer FDA cleared laser devices including, laser combs, bands, & caps.

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