Microdosing THC for Social Anxiety: Does it Work?

It’s estimated that about 15 million folks suffer from social anxiety disorder in this country. What’s even worse is that a lot more people suffer from a mild form of it one way or another. People are social creatures, so everyone craves to belong, craves companionship, and wants to be around others, yet this anxiety can make things quite challenging. It could lead to a bad road, which is part of the reason folks who suffer from any type of social anxiety are turning to things like THC, but some wonder if it works. The sad truth is that those who don’t properly address this issue could develop depression and loneliness. The mixture of these is not a good thing, so finding a solution makes sense. This could involve talking to a professional to address the issue, and it could also include THC, and there’s nothing wrong with that if that makes you feel better. You’re going to learn everything there is to know about this issue and if THC can help.

Anxiety Relief
Most people have experienced some sort of social anxiety. You don’t always feel right during a social interaction. Maybe you feel a little clammed up, or maybe you start sweating too much. One thing people fear is public speaking, and that is a social event. The thing is most people can overcome this feeling. Sure, it’s no walk in the park, but they still overcome it. A person with this disorder isn’t going to be able to ‘get over it.’ The stress these folks feel in social situations becomes overwhelming. People with an extreme version of this disorder sometimes can’t even make eye contact with another person without feeling completely uncomfortable. A person with this type of anxiety is going to feel things like a rapid heartbeat that could feel scary when it’s happening. Some experience muscle tension or stomach issues. The stomach issues could get pretty serious, too. It could turn into diarrhea. A few people feel dizziness. They might even pass out depending on the social situation. You might even experience some shortness of breath. Keep in mind that these are some common symptoms, but there could be others.

Sometimes a Double-Edged Sword
It’s clear that many are turning to microdosing THC to try to deal with some of these symptoms. Keep in mind that these symptoms can hurt a person’s life. People with varying degrees of this disorder have trouble not only talking to strangers or speaking in public but dating. If you want to find a partner and form a family, then dating is a big part of that plan. Folks with this disorder even have trouble entering rooms because people might be in there. This could include public restrooms. A person dealing with this disorder could also have trouble going to school or work. You can see how difficult your life can be if you’re suffering from a disorder that stops you from doing any of these things. THC may sound pretty unconventional, but for folks who want to live normally, it can be helpful.

Use Your Brain and Don’t Overdue It

Microdosing might be helpful, but the truth is it has to be approached carefully. It’s no secret that a lot of people assume that THC can fight anxiety. Most people think that when you smoke from bongs or consume marijuana edibles that you’re going to feel good and relaxed. This is something countless songs and movies have taught you in your life. The truth is that you’re sort of right. THC can make people feel relaxed, but it’s not true all of the time. Some people experience a heighten feeling of anxiety when they take THC. Folks who have never experienced marijuana should definitely exercise some caution before continuing. You don’t want to make things worse for yourself. No one is saying you shouldn’t try, but just make sure you start small before you move on to bigger amounts.


Since you’re going to be microdosing, the likelihood of taking too much is low. While the amount someone takes when microdosing varies, it usually lands between one and two milligrams. As mentioned before, if this is your first time, you want to stick to the smallest amount in the beginning. You must stick to the dosage you decided on for at least three days to gauge your experience with THC. If you do experience some relief, then you want to stop at that amount. It’s important that you -only purchase high-quality THC if you’re going to be using THC to deal with this type of anxiety. If you don’t experience anything, then keep going until you do, but only increase the dosage by one milligram. If you don’t feel the positive effects of THC, then you can just stop taking it. Now, you know if THC may work for social anxiety or not even though it’s a complicated question.