Royal Jelly For Men – How This Bee Product Supplements In Enhancing Male Fertility

Royal jelly is a great supplement emitted by youthful worker bees’ hypopharyngeal and mandibular organs. Though the queen bee and the worker bee have the same genetic structure, the food they are fed is the main differentiating factor. Worker bees are usually fed with a mixture of bee pollen, honey and royal jelly, while the queen bee is fed with pure royal jelly.

Royal jelly is a homogeneous substance rich in proteins, carbohydrates, water, minerals, vitamins, and lipids. Like other honey bee items (counting honey and propolis), royal jelly has been known for its exceptional medical advantages. Another of royal jelly’s indicated benefits? It is an increasingly popular superfood to boost male fertility. The nutrient-dense Royal jelly can be called the ‘reigning king’ or ‘queen of the bunch’ of superfoods. Royal jelly is –

  • Rich in sugar, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and lipids.
  • It also contains numerous minerals, calcium, iron and, most importantly, Vitamin A, B, C, D and E.
  • It has a chock full of therapeutic constituents and other vital properties. 

How Does Royal Jelly Help in Male Fertility?

Royal jelly is an excellent dietary natural supplement to help boost reproductive health and fertility. It is beneficial for males as it increases sperm count, virility and libido apart from assisting females conceive.

  • It is highly beneficial in improving sperm health.
  • It helps men gain the required amount of proteins, amino acids, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins etc., that are essential in enhancing reproductive health.
  • It assists in protecting the liver and boosts the immune system.
  • It helps insulin sensitivity by lessening irritation and oxidative pressure.
  • It helps in passing healthy DNA to the next generation.

What is the Evidence that Shows Evidence of Royal Jelly and Improvements in Fertility Factors?

Though many human studies have proved that royal jelly is highly beneficial in enhancing the sperm count in males, the same has been evident from animal studies also.

  • A study on rats proved that royal jelly protects the body from toxic compounds that adversely affect sperm motility and sperm count.
  • Another similar study found that royal jelly helps in reducing the stress on hormones and sperm parameters in male rats caused due to heat.
  • There may be an overdose of something that is otherwise good regarding the impacts of royal jelly on the reproductive system.
  • One study has tracked down the adverse effects of royal jelly on testicles and DNA integrity in male rats.

Which is the Right Way to Consume Royal Jelly?

Since ancient times, people have been taking royal jelly to improve reproductive health. It is accessible in a semi-fluid state or as capsules. After buying it, one should peruse the directions referenced on the label. Royal jelly capsule dose for fertility is 3 soft gels per day. The conventional dose is 500 – 300mg per day.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Royal jelly is frequently sold as a natural health supplement. It has caused incidental effects in individuals who have hypersensitivity against honey bee products. It is safe to consume it for a short duration of time. Some side effects include –

  • Diarrhoea with traces of blood, further leading to stomach pain.
  • Rashes, irritation, itching and other such related side effects.
  • Some people may experience difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat.
  • Indicating symptoms of bronchospasm, chest tightness or wheezing.

Though anyone can consume royal jelly without any risks, it is suggested to stop the consumption if any such side effects are seen. The success rate of royal jelly in enhancing fertility in men is relatively high. However, some preventive tips are suggested to people before using the power-packed supplement.

The bottom line is to do the things that are right for you! It is suggested to do whatever is best for you and your partner. People who are not susceptible to respiratory conditions or allergic reactions are unlikely to have an adverse effect of consuming royal jelly. Get in touch with your health care provider to know what’s best for you and learn more about fertility and reproductive health to stay healthy.