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After withdrawal of the withdrawal syndrome (“breaking”), the most important thing is to instill in people the desire to appreciate and enjoy a positive way of life. In such cases, rehabilitation of drug addicts is a vital factor determining the future fate of a person.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts is a necessary process that continues treatment. According to statistics, many people, after removing pain and other symptoms of drug dependence, return to their former way of life. Rehabilitation of drug addicts allows to avoid returning to previous addictions and to finish off drugs forever. Modern methods of rehabilitation of drug addicts make it possible to create a healthy motivation for the “passion for life” and to form a new system of values. The detox phuket happens to be important among them.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts in our center consists of two stages:

Inpatient rehabilitation of drug users

The patient is in our center. This stage of rehabilitation of drug addicts in the process of treatment is carried out with the goal of restoring mental equilibrium, as well as avoiding a repeated breakdown. The stationary rehabilitation of drug addicts provides for the creation of a therapeutic environment aimed at the most effective impact of three methods:

  • psychotherapy
  • psychological training
  • pharmacological therapy

In addition, inpatient rehabilitation of drug addicts provides for temporary isolation of the patient, for the period of treatment, from the outside world, as well as leisure activities and physical therapy.

Outpatient rehabilitation of drug addicts

At the end of the in-patient rehabilitation of drug addicts, the next stage begins, which is already outside the center. Outpatient rehabilitation of drug addicts provides for a visit to the psychotherapist 2 times a week, consultations with a doctor and taking necessary pharmacological preparations.

There are a lot of stationary centers for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, leading the treatment only by medical methods. Rehabilitation of drug addicts in the center engaged in professional doctors and psychologists with higher medical education on the basis of an individual approach.

Rehabilitation of drug addicts and their treatment is another round of struggle for the person of the rescued person, and the medical center is ready to help you in this difficult matter!

Almost all people who are addicted to drug addiction go the same way. Beginning with the use of “light” drugs, a person gradually shifts to “heavy” drugs, maintaining the confidence that he can refuse to accept them at any time. Substances penetrate into the brain, built into the metabolism and replacing the natural production of endorphins external. A similar process goes on in life – gradually all priorities are replaced by one. So psychological dependence is formed, because drugs penetrate into all social spheres is work, family and social circle. That is why the withdrawal of “breaking” is only the first and most simple part in the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. The longer the period of use, the more difficult and longer the rehabilitation period will be. This is due to the fact, that long-term use of drugs deprives a person of adequate perception of reality. There is a substitution of concepts – the norm is not friendship, but betrayal, work replaces theft, to replace the truth comes a lie. A dependent person cannot take responsibility for his life.