The Importance of Facial Cleansing

When we talk about skin cleansing, what first comes to our mind is the cleanliness of the face. Makeup removers are essential to achieve a healthy, clean and shimmering skin, removing makeup is non-negotiable, you do it or you do it. Cleaning the skin every night is the best beauty secret inherited from our mothers, aunts and grandmothers.

Have you ever wondered what is the correct method to follow?

There are small changes you can make in your routine that will give you more benefits than you can ever imagine. Having a comprehensible list of the correct steps to follow to obtain a correct daily hygiene routine will potentiate the products you are using.

We’ll explain it step by step:

  • Step 1:

Wash your entire face with a mild soap suitable for each skin type. This will help remove most of the makeup and dirt buildup. If your skin is very reactive and doesn’t tolerate water, use a cleansing lotion like the ones we offer in Conffianz (Clara & Confidente).

  • Step 2:

If you tend to use long-lasting or water-resistant products, apply a specific makeup remover for eyes and lips.

  • Step 3:

Take a cotton ball and apply some cleansing milk on it and use it on your entire face, especially on your forehead area, nose and chin, which is where excessive sebum tends to appear.

  • Step 4:

Next, you must use a moisturizing tonic, which refreshes your skin and helps eliminate the last possible makeup remains off of your face.

  • Step 5:

Once a week, apply a face mask to make sure your skin is extra clean and fresh. Leave it on your skin for 15 minutes and then remove it with abundant lukewarm water, avoiding eye contact.

  • Step 6:

Finally, apply a nourishing cream moisturizer, such as creams with hyaluronic acid, indicated for night use only.

It’s important that we know why skin types exist. The best care depends on your skin type, since each one has its own characteristics:

  1. Mixed skin
  2. Dry skin
  3. Normal skin
  4. Oily skin
  5. Sensitive skin

If you’re uncertain about what skin type you have, ask an expert to advice you on which products are the most suitable ones for you, we are certain that the products we offer in Conffianz are a great option for you.

Why is it important to remove your makeup?

  1. You will have a clean and oxygenated skin: when you remove all of your makeup, you don’t just remove the products used, but also the dead skin cells and accumulated contaminants.
  2. You will avoid skin aging: studies have shown when we do not remove our makeup, our skin ages 5 days. Imagine how many days of premature aging you have for all those times you didn’t remove your makeup! It’s important to sleep with a clean skin, since at night our cells are renewed and regenerated.
  3. You will prevent acne: when we do not clean our skin thoroughly and it does not oxygenate, the pores become clogged and this prevents our skin cellular from regenerating. With a good facial cleansing and makeup removal, you avoid clogging your pores and the appearance of the dreaded pimples and blackheads.
  4. Your dark circles will be less marked: when we don’t remove our eye makeup correctly, we can cause the under eye area to gradually take on a darker tone.
  5. You lose luminosity: when you do not remove your makeup correctly or do not clean your face well, residues will be stuck in your skin, which will prevent your skin from nourishing and as a result your skin will appear dry, with a lack of brightness and freshness.
  6. You will avoid dermatitis and skin allergies. By not following a makeup removal routine and a facial cleansing, your skin will become ultrasensitive.

Don’t forget to remove your makeup every single day, the cleanliness of your face is essential, your skin will thank you and you’ll notice you’ll start to look more fresh and hydrated each day. Discover the importance of providing extra benefits to your skin!