The Myths, Realities, And The Best Way To Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

Before we start to CompareMedicare supplement plans, let’s talk about what Medicare Supplement Plans are and the common myths and realities.

What are Medicare Supplement Plans?

When we talk about the Original Medicare Plans, anyone of or over 65 or with a disability or suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) can enroll. 

However, Medicare Supplement Plans are additional plans that a person may or may not opt for only if they get primarily enrolled in the Original Medicare Plan. These plans act as coverage against the gaps in the Original Medicare Plans.

What are the common myths about Medicare Supplement Plans?

  • Same as Medicare Advantage Plans- Many people believe that Supplement and Advantage plans are the same thing and don’t even bother to Compare Medicare supplement plans with Advantage plans.
  • Coverage for prescription drugs- Medicare Supplement plans provide cover against the gaps in Original Medicare plans. But prescription drug coverage is possible only by plan D. Hence, depending on the chosen Medicare Supplement plan, you may or may not get this benefit.
  • Changing Medicare Supplement plans- The majority believe that they can apply to switch to a different Medicare Supplement plan only at a specific time of the year. However, this is not true; anyone can petition to change their Supplement plan at all times.
  • All doctors are not accessible- Several people believe that their chosen Medicare Supplement plans will decide which doctors can give medical assistance.
  • Policies differ from state to state- Medicare Supplement plans get designed. There is no partiality amongst the citizens, and all the benefits offered by Medicare supplements are the same. The costs may vary from company to company, but the policy benefits are the same.

Realities of Medicare Supplement Plans:

  • Advantage plans are replacing Original Medicare to provide medical assistance, whereas the Supplement plans, as the name suggests, act as a supplement to the Original Medicare plans.
  • Prescription drug coverage will depend on whether your chosen Supplement plan covers Part D. When you are picking a policy, you can Compare Medicare supplement plans and select the one that provides this benefit.
  • One can switch their Medicare Supplement plans at any time of the year; however, if you are changing due to a sudden medical condition, the company may reject your application.
  • As long as a doctor or clinic accepts Medicare, you can get treatment from them. Your chosen Medicare Supplement plan does not determine the doctors you can access.
  • Every policy gets followed universally by all companies that sell them; hence the benefits and features are also universal, but the prices may vary.

What is the best way to compare Medicare Supplement plans?

People often get confused by the Supplement plans available. But some agents and companies help Compare Medicare supplement plans side by side and incorporate your medical needs and then help you select the right plan.

Medicare Supplement plans will help you avoid paying out-of-pocket medical expenses and save you from hefty medical treatment charges.