The Perfect Marijuana Dispensary for You Now

The consumption of products derived from cannabis is called hashish, marijuana, khiff, especially used in the form of joints is widespread in all sports or non-sporting societies.

A recent road safety report rightly states that cannabis kills, just like alcohol. Athletes use it primarily in order to improve their performance. Cannabis is part of the S8 class of cannabinoids on the Prohibited List established by the World Anti-Doping Agency, regardless of competing sports.

The desired effects

As for use in the context of socialization, the desired effects relate to the reduction of stress and euphoria. In sports, one can add the increase in aggression, and the desire to face the danger without realizing it, and to forget tiredness and muscular pains during prolonged efforts. For the dispensary in la brea this is important now.

Adverse effects of cannabis

In the short or long term, side effects can lead to death. It’s about:

  • decreased appetite
  • memory problems
  • disorders of neuromuscular coordination
  • hallucinations

It is actually hallucination, with disorders of neuromuscular coordination and memory disorders that can lead to fatal accidents. The most exposed sports are those who during a fall can cause the death of the athlete or endangering the other. We can quote car racing, cycling, bullfighting, mountaineering, all types of motor sports, etc.

The effects of cannabis are expressed both on the mind, on the physical.

It must be remembered that these effects frequently lead to:

  • A feeling of drunkenness.
  • A decrease in responsiveness.
  • Some memory problems.
  • A small tendency to fall asleep.
  • The motor effects are incompatible with the practice of sport.
  • The danger of regular consumption.

Chronic consumption of cannabis leads to physical and psychological dependence that can lead to uncontrolled reactions and desocialization.

Sports practice and cannabis

Team sports such as football, handball, basketball, rugby and the like are concerned regardless of the level of competition, the level of practice or the position held by the athlete.

Combat sports, like French boxing or Thai boxing, judo, taekwondo, is concerned with bad virtues. Other athletic type sports, swimming, may be concerned. Shooting, motorsports, billiards, archery, golf, tennis are also sports at risk and to watch. Sports practice is Incompatible with the use of cannabis.

  • Active ingredient: Cannabis
  • Class: S8. cannabinoids
  • Status: Prohibited in competition

Urine Control

The substance sought in urine is a metabolic derivative of cannabis. it is THC (11-N-delta-9-tretrahydroxycanabinol acid).

The smoker of a seal and detectable within a few hours to several weeks depending on the quantity and quality of the seal; for chronic smokers, concentrations are detectable in the urine four weeks after the last dose.

An athlete is declared positive if the THC level found in the urine is greater than 15 μg per liter. The quantity found in the urine will therefore depend on several factors:

  • consumer habits of the athlete
  • dosage of the last seal
  • time elapsed between the last dose and the urine test
  • personal factors of the metabolism of the individual

However, there are false positives, related to the high sensitivity of the test, and to a number of possible cross-reactions. An expertise or the performance of a second test at the request of the athlete may help to remove certain assumptions. However, it must be taken into account that in non-sports settings, blood tests are developed to limit these errors in the interpretation of the results.