Use Vacuum Sealing to Save Money on Food

Food is perishable, plain and simple; even Twinkies have an expiration date. With money so tight in today’s economy, preserving your food so that it lasts much longer can save you and your family serious money. The most expensive food is the one that goes to waste. But using a vacuum sealing machine can prevent that happening.

The number one enemy for most foods is oxygen and the effect it has on the molecules which make up what you eat. Preventing air from getting into a reaction with food is the primary way to avoid spoilage, and the best way to accomplish that is to store it in a vacuum. Storing food this way is easy with the use of a vacuum sealing machine. Using this device can make your dollar go further at the grocery store.

Preparations before you use vacuum sealing

Choose the right vacuum sealer, compare functions and prices to make sure you can use the product for a long time and can maximize its benefits.
Make a plan of what type of food you are going to seal and for how long. It will help you choose the right bags for the purpose.
Get space in your freezer in case the food does not fit in your fridge or you would like to use it much later.
Prioritize your fridge, and keep the food that requires sealing firs at the front, easily visible.
Step by step instructions to seal the food

Put the vacuum sealer on a flat and level surface to prevent any spillage of your food when you place the bag in the machine.
Take one of the food storage bags suitable for your model of vacuum sealing machine and place your food inside.
NOTE: Make sure the bag is clean of any spillage or residues. Leave some room at the top of the bag so there is enough space for the bag to close easily.

Open the lid of the vacuum sealer. Press the appropriate button to do this. You can identify it by checking out the vacuum sealer’s manual.
Place the open side of the bag into the vacuum sealer.
Close the machine’s lid around the bag, and press down on both ends. The vacuum sealing will start working automatically once the lid is closed, so be ready.
Open the lid and remove the now sealed food bag from the vacuum sealer. You have successfully completed the task of sealing and preserving the food using a vacuum sealer.