Useful Information on the National Disability Insurance Scheme  

What is NDIS? NDIS or National Disability Insurance Scheme, which is still under progress in Bundaberg aims to provide more than 460,000 Australian citizens who are born with permanent disabilities or later on in life with the required support and services. It is supposed to be the first time that such a scheme is being rolled out in support of the disabled. The scheme is aimed at providing all persons with disabilities with the necessary information and associations with doctors and nursing centers, support groups and other important areas, along with information about the support that the Government extends towards them. It also funds education, employment, independence, and other well-being factors.   

Moreover, in this scheme, a participant’s previously existing supports, for instance, related to family or friends or community and health and education is also taken into consideration while providing for the individual.  What are the requirements that have to be met by a scheme to be considered legitimate and the need of the hour?  

They should meet the following criteria:  

  • It must have direct linkage to a participant’s disability. 
  • It should be worth your money
  • It must have an impact on the lives of the participant.
  • It must also take into account the already existing support issued by the Government.  

Benefits of the NDIS scheme

It helps all the participants to:  

  • Achieve their goals, aims and aspirations
  • Achieve independence
  • Develop their societal and general participation
  • Increases their self-confidence and helps them become active members.   

More about NDIS  

Most importantly, NDIS is not the same as the Disability Support Pension. If one is already a recipient of DSP, that does not make him/her disqualified for the scheme. That also does not mean one is automatically eligible for the scheme. One still has to check the eligibility factors while applying for the scheme. It will also not hamper any of the existing monetary allowances that one receives like Disability Support Pension or Carers’ allowances.   

On the other hand, if one is already receiving any mobility allowances when the NDIS Bundaberg plan gets approved, one’s eligibility for the previously existing allowance ceases.  

 Similarly, although the scheme is meant to support people with disabilities, the supports and services might also have paramount benefits to families and caring centers.   

Most importantly, one’s LAC or the ECEI coordinator or the scheme agency itself can give you useful information about the services and supports that are available under the programs that are funded by the Government. That would include counseling services, care centres, support groups in the community.