What is a Potato Donut?

potato doughnuts

The potato donut, or the Potadonut to us, is a typically sweet confectionary made from our special recipe mix and others throughout the world. Though many do not know this, the potato donut has been around since the mid-19th century delighting anyone who tries it. Our mix will take you back to when you were a kid. The best part about our mix is that it does not only make just donuts. Whether you are in the mood for pancakes, waffles, crepes, or German pancakes.

Why Potadonut Mix?

Potato-based donuts have been delighting doughnut connoisseurs for years. The Potadonut mix brings the historic potato-based flour taste into the 21st century and will impress anyone who loves flavor. If you want to have the tastiest donut of all time you are in the right spot. Moist like a cake but fluffy like a beignet, our potato flour mix gives you the best of both worlds. Thick sugar glaze flowing over the sides of a still warm, perfectly fluffy fried ring. Using our perfected potato flour mix and easy to follow the recipe on our site, making amazing desserts at your home has never been easier. What makes us different than anyone else is our commitment.

Creator Doug Bagley has worked to perfect his mix. Different than other box-based products, our product uses potato-based flour. The rich taste and fluffy texture continue to bring joy to generations, but the delicious taste is not all that matters when it comes to our product. Nowadays anyone can go out or order in a delicious donut, but now you can make an amazing dessert at your home with ease. Potadonut provides the unique base needed to make tasty sweets. Water, sugar, and yeast are the only things you will need to add before you have perfect donut dough that is ready for frying. Feel like taking a trip to the fair without all the hassle? Go to our website to see a recipe for the best funnel cake you will ever have and others including monkey bread. For those looking for something more traditional, our classic famous glazed donut recipe will wow your taste buds. This mix can do it all with the great taste you love, and no hassle. Potadonuts provides potato flour mix to create delicious treats with potatoes in them. They are famous for their potato donuts.