What is LASIK and what can expect from this treatment

LASIK is microscopic surgery performed by a surgeon who uses a laser to reshape the cornea and thereby alter the patient’s vision. Appropriate eye LASIK surgery can correct the most common forms of visual impairment, including nearsightedness (nearsightedness), hyperopia (hyperopia), and astigmatism.

Lasik Los Angeles eye surgery breaks up a thin layer of corneal surface tissue. After the laser reshapes the cornea, the tissue is stuck there, wrapping it back into its original position. At Lasik Los Angeles, the entire process is performed by well-experienced surgeons using a state-of-the-art surgical laser. The duration of the operation is 3 to 5 minutes for one eye. Most of the patients are going to work by the next day only. With our Experienced doctors, the patients’ recovery rate is also very high as compared to others.

What to expect during the LASIK treatment?

Determining suitability for LASIK vision correction surgery is a multi-step process. We recognize that decisions regarding Lasik Los Angeles can only be made after careful consideration. During your consultation, your doctor will assess your eyes and train you to correct your vision.

The first step is to assess the health of your eyes by measuring your vision and the thickness of your cornea. As with conventional vision tests, pneumatic and dilated pupil tests are also performed. Our team will also check your general medical history. What makes the assessment of this eye unique is the use of corneal mapping or the iDesignWavescan system. In the iDesign Wavescan system, a digital WaveScan using wavefront-guided measurements evaluates 200 points of the eye. As a result, you get an accurate “map” of your vision. It is 25 times the conventional measurement used for glasses or contact lenses.

These quick, painless exams are essential and allow your doctor to plan your LASIK surgery and correct any visual defects in your eye. Lasik Los Angeles medical staff will walk you through every step of your comprehensive assessment while answering all of your questions. The exam includes a visit to the office, the recovery area of ​​the vision correction operating room, so you can understand what you will be going through on the day of your LASIK eye surgery. Once the assessment is complete, you will meet with your doctor or medical staff to review each of your tests and determine if you are eligible for LASIK.