What Is The Variation Among Indica, Sativa And Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

If you’re new to the marijuana world, the first and foremost thing that you should know about is the three main types of marijuana. They are indica, sativa and hybrid. The effect you enjoy and the experience you need all depends on the type of marijuana strain you choose. This article will explain the basic difference between indica, sativa and hybrid strain. Also, we will explain why you must buy sativa seeds for sale online from Weed Seeds. 

Indica strain

The origins of the indica strains can be traced back to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey. Since the climates of these regions are harsh, dry and stormy, the plants have adjusted to this type of climate. They can easily survive in the medium to harsh environmental conditions. The plants produced by indica stairs are often short and stout. 

The leaves are green, chunky, wide and broad. These plants also tend to grow faster than sativa plants and also give higher yields. Indica plants often have more concentration of CBD and less THC. It is well-known for its relaxing and sedating effects. It is also prescribed for people with some mild mental problems such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. It is also often consumed at night. 

Sativa strain

The origins of the sativa strain can be traced back to the hot and dry regions of Africa, Central America, and some parts of Southeast and Western Asia. These plants are taller, higher and have thin leaves which resemble somewhat of our fingers. These plants reach heights up to 12 feet and take more time to flower and cultivate than indica plants. Sativa strains often have a lower concentration of CBD and a higher concentration of THC.

The effects produced by sativa are energetic, focussed and uplighting. People having a brainstorming session in their office often have a joint of any sativa strain. This lets the creative juices flow and makes the person more focused and productive. You can order high-quality sativa seeds for sale online from Weed Seeds. 

Hybrid strain

As the name suggests, hybrid is produced by crossing an indica strain with sativa strain. This helps the user enjoy the traits of both plants simultaneously. Usually, the plants are grown in a greenhouse or on huge farms. There is no fixed appearance of the hybrid. It depends upon the types of strain chosen for crossing.

Some people create hybrids to increase the amount of THC or CBD. Similarly, the effects produced are all completely dependent on the type of strains chosen. Some cross various strains to produce a strain that can be useful in treating some side effects of chemotherapy or insomnia. 

Final thoughts

You must have an idea about what you want to experience and then choose the good strain for you. You can order high-quality sativa seeds for sale online, among others, from Weed Seeds.