What You Have to Know About Structured Silver Water

A Little Science Lesson– It would appear all water has structure. All water particles can frame what are called hydrogen bonds between water atoms. These extremely feeble bonds can give a structure to the water. Hydrogen bonds structure and break quickly; enabling the water particles to stream past one another and along these lines carry on like a fluid. Furthermore, when decidedly charged silver particles are broken down in the water, the water frames a circle of hydration around the silver particle. So in fact talking, any water that contains any particles can be called structured water, and whenever silver particles are broken up inthe water, it very well may be known as a type of structured silver.

Showcasing Angle Sure To Confuse

Consequently naturally, all colloidal silvers and ionic silvers can be alluded to as structured silver; however, the structure does not increment efficacy or safety. These properties are still straightforwardly identified with the span of the molecule and the focus. Subsequently, “structured Silver” is one more promoting term to be utilized in the confounding colloidal silver classification, much like the advertising term “Genuine Colloidal Silver.”

You may have seen other colloidal silver items guarantee they have silver iotas reinforced together to shape some sort of structure, advertised as “structured Silver.” Without either a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) picture to demonstrate the silver iotas are bound together into a metal molecule, or some other kind of substance examination information to exhibit the idea of the concoction securities holding the particles together in the atom, there is no logical confirmation of a structure.

What to Observe When Considering Colloidal Silver

Silver dietary enhancements shift in structure and convergence of silver, yet there are specific attributes that point to the safety, purity, and effectiveness of the item. With the Science of Silver as our guide, there are significant things to search for.

Greatest Bio-Activity

Search for items that can exhibit more noteworthy than 98% bioactivity in their products. Silver must be decidedly charged, to be in the bioactive structure that offers the body its resistant support* properties.

Little and Consistent Particle Size

On the outside of silver particles are silver molecules accessible to change over to emphatically charge silver particles. The littler the molecule measure, the more surface territory is available for this transformation to the bioactive structure, which results in more prominent efficacy*. Bio-Active Silver HydrosolTM, like that found in Sovereign Silver, has extraordinarily steady dissemination of the littlest particles reachable.

Littler molecule measure = increasingly surface territory = more change to bioactive silver = more efficacy.


Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol has just two fixings: pure water and pure silver, nothing else. Sovereign Silver uses only greater than or equal to 99.999% pure silver, and routinely tests to certify the nonattendance of several potential contaminants from their items.

Guaranteed GMPs

Search for outsider check of the great assembling rehearses utilized by the organization making your item. Sovereign Silver is produced in an NSF/GMP ensured office. This implies we have outsider check of our assembling procedures and methods, following our most elevated guidelines and strictest conventions for quality and immaculateness.

For more data to enable you to pick the right structured silver water look online.