Why Pharmaceutical Drugs Can Worsen Your Hangover Remedy Process

Popping a pill to stop the headache and nausea is tempting, and since hung-over people are not known for making correct decisions, a lot of them do fall for this temptation and take a pain reliever. What happens next? Instead of helping, the symptoms tend to get worse. Over the counter, drugs like Aspirin or Tylenol are not known for being helpful hangover medicines. They all have damaging side effects that are amplified if alcohol is present in your system. Even though most people take headache pills before going to work after a night of heavy drinking, these pills rarely help and can be severely harmful in the long-run.

Aspirin, for instance, is a commonly used medicine for a hangover cure. What people don’t know is that they are blood thinners, just like alcohol. When these two are combined, the effects are intensified, causing severe headaches, stomach aches, and dizziness. Similarly, Tylenol, instead of offering a hangover solution, can cause liver damage when mixed with alcohol. If you are already on a prescription and must take one, make sure to take a lower dose than usual. Alcohol and prescription drugs do not mix well. Natural remedies are much safer and more useful when dealing with a hangover.

The easiest way to boost your hangover remedy process is to consume natural goods. Drinking ginger tea will help your stomach calm down. Drinking lemon juice will flush your body of all harmful toxins. Bananas and peaches are mineral-rich fruits that will restore your body’s energy levels. Eggs will give your body the necessary amounts of protein and energy. All of these natural remedies are much better than pharmaceutical drugs. Just because medicines are easy to consume, a lot of people suffering from hangovers tend to take them only to end up worsening their situation.