4 Benefits Of Installing A UVGI Lamp

Purifying the air that we breathe is as important as filtering our drinking water. We often get to see a water filter in every other household, but we neglect the importance of filtering our air. 

You may think that pollution does not affect you as soon as you are home. However, locking yourself up in your room cannot save you from the harmful bacteria that live in the air. 

So, in this article, we will show you an easy way of disinfecting the air in your home and its benefits. Read on. 

Install A UVC Sterilization Lamp In Your Home

The UVC lamp is growing in demand as they are an effective way of cleaning your air. It is also known as a UVGI lamp. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) system is an electromagnetic radiation system. It helps in absorbing or killing microorganisms in the air which includes yeast, mold, bacteria, virus, and fungi.

UVGI lamps use ultraviolet or UVC lights to sterilize and prevent pathogens from the air. It stops the replicating or propagating process of the microorganisms naturally. It is also known as the most accepted method of air purifying. 

Benefits Of UVC Sterilization Lamp

If you have any kind of air conditioner or an HVAC device, you need to install a UVC lamp. Let’s see five benefits of a UVGI lamp.

1. Helps In Managing The Air Quality Air 

Conditioning can lead to a lack of proper ventilation. This is the main cause of poor indoor air quality or IAQ. The conditioned air makes a perfect atmosphere for the pathogens to circulate easily. A UVGI lamp is useful in keeping such situations under control.

2. Reduces The Accumulation Of Biofilm

Over time a layer of biofilm accumulates underneath the air conditioning machine. This is a source of bad odor and damages the machine as well. A UVGI lamp helps in preventing over-accumulation and gives you an odorless smooth airflow. 

3. Popularly Used In Hospitals

Several patients with different diseases enter the hospital every hour. The UVC sterilization lamp (หลอด UVC ฆ่าเชื้อ, which is the term in Thai) tries to maintain the air quality and circulate fresh air. 

4. Keeps Diseases At Bay In The Home

If you have a child in your home or a family member prone to allergies, it is a wise decision to install the lamp. It will keep diseases away from entering your house. 

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