Cosmetic Dentists: What They Offer And When To See Them?

Gone are the days when you would have had to settle with an unattractive smile. Today, you can get a beautiful smile through a cosmetic dentist Leesburg. Cosmetic dentistry performed by these specialized dentists aims at bettering your smile by fixing the issues (if any) in either your gums, your teeth, or maybe in your mouth. Some of the most performed procedures by the dentist Leesburg ranges from implants to fillings, veneers, and teeth whitening.

Despite cosmetic dentistry not being an important process, it can contribute to making your smile better. 

Cosmetic Dentists And What Do They Do?

From fixing minor issues to performing elaborate surgeries, a cosmetic dentist Leesburg can do a plethora of procedures. The process which requires a cosmetic dentist is mentioned below.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most common procedures listed under cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is one of the most inexpensive as well. Certain foods and beverages along with medications and smoking can stain your teeth. And the only viable option that people turn to, to make their smile better is cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening includes cleaning the teeth and removing the buildup of debris, tartar, and plaque to give way for a brighter smile.

Dental Veneers

Ceramic, resin, and porcelain boasting of being medical-grade made white and thin shells are what we term as dental veneers. Dental veneers are customized for individual patients, so they can replicate their natural set of teeth. The dentist Leesburg gets rid of the tooth enamel from the surface before getting the veneers attached to speed up the bonding process of the shells with the frontal part of the teeth. 

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are fit on your tooth when it undergoes damage or falls prey to the decaying process. A dental crown helps prevent the breakage of feeble teeth. It is also used to conceal your seriously discolored teeth. 

Some other services offered by cosmetic dentists are inlays and onlays, dental implants, and dental bonding.

When And Why To Schedule An Appointment For A Cosmetic Dentist

Some of the common reasons when you should see a cosmetic dentist Leesburg includes:

  • When you have a missed tooth
  • When your teeth are discolored
  • When your teeth are crooked
  • When your teeth are damaged
  • When you are facing a tooth decay

To avoid encountering problems like speaking and eating, you must consult a dentist Leesburg right away, if you are facing any of these problems. Never settle with an unattractive smile. Choose to get it fixed through cosmetic dentistry.