4 Types of Gym Workouts to Keep in Mind for Beginners

Even if you opted for the closest gym in your area, your first visit may have been overwhelming as a starter to the extent of limiting yourself to play around with only a few activities on your next return. But doing this is going to do very little for your boredom. Hence, the following list will help you understand what type of exercises are practised at the gym to eventually give it a try yourself.


As long as the body is flexible enough to combat aging, stretching gives you the ultimate freedom to move fluidly and get along with everyday chores preventing muscle soreness.

Even prior to and after the workout  routine in the nearest gym, it’s important to spend some time doing a few stretching of the muscles to the full extent of your ability lasting about 20 seconds maximum so that you won’t be vulnerable to hurting yourself. 

Strength Training

Strength training should involve addressing muscle imbalance which have been categorised into 5 basic moves which vary according to movement: hinge, push, pull, squat, and core work. By stimulating bone growth and reducing joint pain, you are marching towards a stronger self who can carry things on their own when you age and being less injury prone. 


Aerobic exercise also known as an energy generating process, tests your endurance by increasing your breathing, heart rate and lungs which is great as an overall fitness regimen. Implementing a week of risk walking, skipping, cycling or an exciting dance class can torch excess body fat, relax blood vessel walls, lower your blood pressure and sugar levels and become the ultimate mood booster.

Balancing Exercise

For prevention of sudden falls and trippings experienced by older adults, balancing exercises like tai-chi, heel to toe walk and standing knee lifts can help with balancing abilities in keeping a steady feet on the ground. Your personal trainer can also guide you by suggesting specific exercises that will address your weak areas begging for some attention.