Easy five tips for growing weed at home

From Seed to Smoke: 10 Basic Tips for Growing Your Own at Home | High Times

Cannabis is legalized in a few states, and it is allowed for people to cultivate their cannabis plants at home. However, the growing process isn’t easy in comparison to other plants. So, do you want to know how to grow weed at home with easy steps? We got you. Here are some easy tips to follow

1- Find the right place

Decide whether you want to grow the plant indoors or outdoor to understand its growing process. For indoors, choose the best place to grow your weed. Choose any area like a spare room, garage, a closet, or even inside your computer case. If you decide to plant your bud outside, make sure you save your plant from heavy rain and excess of too much sunlight. The plant is just like a human, and it may die due to freezing, over-watering, and extreme hot temperature. 

2- Select a growing medium

Understand that every growing medium has different watering and curing needs. Here are some of the growing mediums for cannabis:

  • Soil
  • Soilless Mix
  • Hydroponics
  • LED/ LEC/ HID lights

3- Feed all the nutrients

Once your plant starts growing bigger, don’t be so overwhelmed that you make any mistakes like overwatering or overfeeding. The cannabis plant should be watered once in seven days for about half a liter to one liter of water. It is not like any normal or other plants that need a gallon of daily water. Make sure you don’t pour over the water and ruined the whole plant. 

4- Understand the time

When your plant grows its first leaf, it is the vegetative stage. Understand that the cannabis plant grows fast and bigger in the vegetative stage, and then it comes to the stage of flowering. Ensure you place your plant at a normal temperature of about 70 to 85°F and keep a regular check on it. 

5- Harvest and dry your new buds

Once your plant has grown with white hairs, wait till some hairs turn a little dark and curly. When it is done, it’s time to harvest your cannabis. When harvesting, your planting area or room will have a strong fragrance of the weed plant. Ensure you start harvesting the plant once the hairs have darkened by 50 to 70 percent to get the maximum level of THC. After cutting and trimming the plant:

  • Hang the beautiful bud upside down to dry out.
  • Ensure to keep it in a ventilating, cool, and darkroom to get the best and smooth effects. Once your cannabis is dried, it gets the time to cure them.
  • Place your dried bud in a tight mason jar and place it in a dark and cool place.
  • Open the jar lid once a day for a few times to let your weed breathe.

At the end

These were some easy steps to cultivate cannabis at home. Ensure that you take care of your plant daily. If you’re planning to grow your bud in a container, make sure you open the cap and give your bud thirty minutes of fresh air. Be patient to get the best outcome from the plant. For more details, you can go online at https://homegrowncannabisco.com/